‘100 days in prison’ Alves, crisis of separation from wife → ‘hunger strike’

March 18, 2023 0 Comments

FC Barcelona and Brazilian legend Dani Alves, who are being detained for sexual assault, went on a hunger strike.

Spanish media ‘Cuatro’ reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Alves is on a hunger strike in the prison where he is imprisoned.”

Alves was arrested by police in January for allegedly raping a woman at a nightclub in Spain.

The incident took place on December 31 last year, and Alves was investigated after a woman who claimed damage filed a complaint with the police. Following a court order, she was imprisoned in a local prison in Spain.

At first, Alves denied the allegation of sexual assault, saying he did not know who the woman claimed to be the victim was, but changed his statement on the 10th of last month, claiming that although there was sex, it was mutually agreed.

While Alves is being investigated while he is in custody, his wife, Joanna Sanz, whom he married in 2017, recently deleted pictures of him with Alves on Instagram, alluding to a breakup. 안전놀이터

The media said, “Alves is completely devastated and nervous when his wife confesses that she wants to end their marriage.”

He added, “After his wife expressed her desire to break up, Alves began a hunger strike at the director where he was imprisoned.”

Legend Alves, who played 126 A-matches for the Brazilian national soccer team, was evaluated as a world-class fullback while playing for Sevilla and Barcelona in his heyday.

In particular, while playing 406 matches for Barcelona, ​​he lifted a whopping 24 trophies, including three UEFA Champions League titles.

Alves, arguably one of the best defenders of all time, was involved in a sexual assault incident in his last years of playing career, and his contract was terminated by his team, UNAM Pumas (Mexico), and he was on the verge of breaking up with his wife.

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