2 new runs in 2 minutes ‘Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Klins Manho’s ‘defensive stabilization’ task

March 27, 2023 0 Comments

From the first game, Klins Manho had the task of ‘stabilizing the defense’. It took only two minutes for the two-goal lead against Colombia to equalize. As coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59, Germany) advocated aggressive football, the defensive anxiety became more prominent.

In the evaluation match against Colombia held on the 24th at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan, Korea led 2-0 with Son Heung-min (Tottenham)’s multi-goal, but conceded two goals in the early part of the second half and drew 2-2. Coach Klinsman became the sixth coach among 13 coaches who have held the helm of the national team since 2000 without a win in his debut match.

He got off to a good start. Son Heung-min scored multiple goals in the first half to lead 2-0. In terms of performance, they dominated Colombia throughout the first half. 

However, at the start of the second half, the defensive concentration was greatly shaken and the defense collapsed. They allowed a chase in the 2nd minute of the second half. The space behind the defense on the left side collapsed, and Min-jae Kim (Napoli) could not overcome the ball competition and the opponent’s pass was connected to the goal. James Rodriguez (Olympiacos), the former World Cup scorer, could not miss it.

Two minutes later, they equalized. Defensive Kim Yeong-kwon (Ulsan Hyundai)’s pass to the midfield was blocked, allowing a counterattack. A cross from the left flank led to Jorge Carrascal’s (CSKA Moscow) equalizing goal. Consecutive goals led to the result of giving up the atmosphere in the second half.

The two real point scenes came out with a similar route. It was the result of not properly handling the opponent’s cross from the side toward the gate. On both occasions, Kim Jin-soo (Jeonbuk Hyundai) was injured and passed from the left flank, but Lee Gi-je (Suwon Samsung), who replaced him, was left with a greater regret than the responsibility of the national team’s defense organization.

All of the goals conceded had one thing in common: no one could stop the players rushing to the goal. In the scene where the first goal was conceded, the space between the defense team at the gate, such as Kim Young-kwon, and Jung Woo-young (Al Sadd), who belatedly joined the defense, widened. It was the background that allowed James Rodriguez, who was digging into the goal, to shoot with his left foot without much hindrance. 토토사이트

It was necessary to think twice about allowing another run through a similar route within 2 minutes. While all the defense turned their eyes to the ball, no one caught Carrascal’s movement digging into the penalty box. Thanks to that, Carrascal also easily connected with a shot in front of the goal and shook the Korean net.

Allowing runs in a similar pattern gave coach Klinsman and the defense a big homework. Both goals came out in a situation where the defense was not properly positioned, because it is a scene that will inevitably come out often in the future, coupled with manager Klinsman’s aggressive tendencies. Of course, if you don’t come up with a countermeasure, it will become a route for the opposing team’s intensive attack in the future. This is why coach Klinsmann and the defense team need to worry.

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