2022 college basketball champion Korea University prepares for the new season Sangmu Lee

February 8, 2023 0 Comments

Korea University, the strongest college basketball team, is sweating hard to rise to the top once again in the college basketball U-League, which will open in March.
Korea University defeated Konkuk University in the 2022 season to become the champion, but as Lee Doo-won (Busan KT) and Yeo Jun-hyung (Jeonju KCC) graduated, the height of the inside was lowered.

In their place, tall forwards such as Yu Min-soo (200cm, F) from Cheongju Shinheung High School and Lee Dong-geun Lee (199cm, F) of Dong-A High School joined the team, but university officials say that their power has not improved significantly compared to before.

However, guards Park Moo-bin (187cm) and Moon Jung-hyeon (194cm, F), who are still in good shape, are leading the team, Yang Jun (201cm, C) has grown into the team’s main big man, and Park Jung-hwan (181cm, G), who was insignificant in the second half of last season due to injury, is leading the team. The consensus is that this season is also the closest team to the top if they can shake off their injuries and join the team. 온라인카지노

Currently, 4 players out of 5 freshmen from Korea University are concentrating on strengthening their stamina and defensive tactics. In particular, from the 13th, it is scheduled to enter the final quenching in Geoje Island.

After a practice game against Yongsan High School on the 7th, Korea University coach Hee-Jeong Joo said, “After the 2022 season, I focused on my own training. I spent a lot of time lifting weights and playing on defense. It has been about a week since then,” he explained about the training process at Korea University from December until now.

Coach Joo said, “As the opening of the season has been postponed to mid-March, we are focusing on the opening game and training. Big men Shin Ju-young (200cm, C) and Park Jung-hwan have minor injuries, but they can all join the opening game, so they are 100% full. We will be able to start the season with this,” he said, discussing the current situation at Korea University.

Regarding the gap in height created by the graduation of tall big men, Coach Joo said, “With the arrival of good tall forwards this season, we are trying to change the playing style. We are preparing to do it, and we are trying to focus on the attack without boxing out from the outskirts,” he said about Korea University’s new style for the 2023 season.

Following this, Coach Joo said, “Basketball is difficult if you think simply, but instead of giving something to the opponent, we are preparing for a basketball game in which we block outside shots and score goals with basketball faster than the opponent.”

In addition, he said, “Yu Min-soo is a player with good hardware, but he is learning a sense of rhythm that suits our team, and Lee Dong-geun is gifted with a functional part or fingertip sense. Ancient basketball is defense. I plan to train the freshmen to be able to press the opponent for 40 minutes, and if Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun, who have been upgraded from their junior year, lead the team well, they will show the same solidity as last season. I will be able to do it,” he said, expressing his determination to welcome the season.

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