’52 people’ hidden in match fixing… Concern about half-way ‘withdrawal of amnesty’

March 31, 2023 0 Comments

It is truly a ‘rare skit’.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) will hold a temporary board meeting at 4:00 pm on the 31st. It has been only three days since the second board meeting was held. The agenda is a case of amnesty for 100 people, including 48 match-fixing participants, who are incurring national outrage beyond the soccer world. Chairman Chung Mong-gyu is the head of the meeting again to discuss the amnesty, which was actually decided by surprise.

It is extremely unusual to discuss an issue that has already been decided through the board of directors and even made a surprise but extensive official announcement in three days. It means that the pardon for 100 soccer players, which was carried out for reasons that were difficult to understand, such as self-congratulation for the World Cup round of 16 and harmony in the soccer world, was a skit in itself.

Most of the top soccer players, such as those from the national team, are silent, but fortunately soccer fans and experts are criticizing the KFA’s unreasonable decision. The K-League fans, who were hurt so badly by the match-fixing incident in 2011, have already begun expressing critical messages toward the KFA through hangings. The Red Devils, the national cheering squad, also issued a statement urging the withdrawal of the amnesty, urging a boycott of A-match. As time goes on, the public opinion that criticizes the KFA expands not only to soccer fans but also to public outrage, which shows just how far the KFA’s decision deviated from common sense.

Surprised by the boiling anger, KFA eventually announced the meeting of the temporary board of directors. Even the day before, he was active in pardoning those who were disciplined by posting Q&A content on the pardon on the homepage, but his attitude changed dramatically in one day. The KFA explained, “As many concerns have been raised about this resolution, we decided to hold a re-discussion quickly.”

The fact that the resolved issue will be re-discussed in three days itself seems to lean towards the possibility of’withdrawal of the amnesty’. However, it remains to be seen whether the pardons for the 100 people who were subject to pardon will be completely withdrawn. This is because the possibility that the amnesty for 48 match-fixing cases, which drew public attention, will be withdrawn, but the pardon for 52 people who were covered by match-fixing cannot be ruled out. 메이저놀이터

The common explanation among KFA officials is that the remaining 52 are soccer players whose names you wouldn’t recognize, having been disciplined by amateurs. However, the identity of the 100 people and the punishment they received are not disclosed for reasons such as defamation. As it is impossible to trust the official’s explanation 100%, no one knows who the other 52 people were, for what reason, and what discipline they received, except for the match-fixing participant.

The problem is that throughout this controversy, KFA’s ‘why’, and why it was suddenly pardoned after 14 years, has not been accurately revealed. Self-congratulations in the World Cup round of 16 and harmony in the soccer world are relevance that anyone would laugh at. It is a reasonable suspicion under the circumstances that among the 100 people subject to pardon, not only the 48 people who participated in match-fixing, but also the remaining 52 people who were covered by them, there are people or backgrounds who had to be amnestied.

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