7 men’s V-League teams, even the last puzzle was filled… Yosubani was nominated as Samsung Fire & Marine’s first choice in the foreign draft, contract renewal with 4 teams

May 10, 2023 0 Comments

Foreign players who will play in the men’s V-League for the 2023-2024 season have been confirmed.

The 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s foreign player draft ended on the 8th in Turkey, Istanbul. While 4 out of 7 men’s clubs expressed their intention to renew contracts with existing foreign players in the evaluation that there is no player who definitely makes a strong impression, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which has the ‘virtually’ 1st choice nomination right, is Yosbani Hernandez, a veteran of the V-League (Cuba). ·Italy). ‘No. 1 in the pre-preference survey’ most expected by coaches who visited the tryout site As the Cuban apogee spiker Jose Masso (Cuba) did not participate in the tryout, Yosbani was called first without any change.

At the draft event on this day, the first choice right went to OK Financial Group through a bead lottery. Then, the order of draft nominations was decided in the order of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance – KB Insurance – Korean Air – Hyundai Capital – Woori Card – Korea Electric Power. However, prior to the nomination, Korean Air, the defending champion, decided to accompany Lincoln Williams for three consecutive seasons, KEPCO ranked second in scoring (882 points), Tais Dul Host, OK Financial Group scored the top scorer (921 points), Leonardo Leyva Martinez, As KB Insurance decided to renew the contract with Andres Villena, the first nomination opportunity went to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

Last season, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, the lowest ranked player, succeeded in reinforcing their offensive power, which was a weakness, by winning the lucky first pick (Eddie) in the Asia Quarter Draft, which will be held for the first time next season, and bringing Yosubani. Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo was satisfied with the contents of the power reinforcement and predicted a different Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, saying, “I think the team color can be changed to be more aggressive.” Yosbani, who has experience playing for OK Savings Bank (2018-2019 season), Hyundai Capital (2019-2020 season), and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (2020-2021 season), returns to the V-League after three years.

Hyundai Capital, the only one among the seven clubs whose existing player, Oreol Camejo, transferred to another league, also made a stable choice. Coach Tae-Woong Choi nominated Ahmed Iqbairi, who finished third in scoring (875 points) while playing for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance last season, and said, “I plan to maximize the strengths of Iqbairi, who has quick feet.” With the addition of Ikbairi, there is a possibility that Heo Soo-bong, who used to be an apogee spiker, can move to an outside hitter. Coach Tae-Woong Choi expected the effect of Ik-Bai-Ri, saying, “Heo Soo-Bong was an outside hitter until high school, and he can also be a middle blocker, so various tactics will be possible.” 토스카지노

Woori Card manager Shin Young-chul, who was contemplating renewing the contract with Riverman Agamez, who was not satisfied with frequent injuries, drew attention with a surprise choice. Woori Card chose Mattei Kok, an outside hitter from Slovenia in his 20s, who was the only player with no experience in the V-League and was outside the rankings in the preliminary preference survey. Director Shin Young-cheol said, “I decided by judging the basic skills, volleyball ability, and movement on my own. He is not tall at 199cm, but his jump height was good and his quickness was good.” Kok, who said he knew the V-League well through Micha Gasparini, who played for Korean Air and Hyundai Capital, expressed his determination to “play in as many games as possible and help the team.”

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