Abolition of 2 consecutive games – Strengthening speed-up… What are the changing rules?

March 31, 2023 0 Comments

The KBO League finally kicks off after twists and turns. The baseball world is also attempting many changes to regain the fans who have turned their backs on them.

The most notable change this season is the abolition of the two-game series. It is to improve the performance and present a more interesting game to the fans. This is because the two-game series, which has continued since the reorganization in 2015 with 10 clubs, was criticized for adding to the physical burden of the players due to frequent travel.

Instead, the 3rd round is held biennially, with 3 home matches – 1 away match or 1 home match – 3 away matches. The total number of home-away games for the 10 teams is also changed to 73 home-71 away or 73-71 home on a biennial basis.

The game speed-up regulations are also strengthened. Starting this season, the mound visit time is 5 seconds faster, from 30 seconds to 25 seconds. The manager and coach must move to the dugout within 25 seconds after getting on the mound, and the catcher must complete the catcher’s preparations after 30 seconds.

The batter must have at least one foot in the batter’s box from the moment he or she enters the batter’s box. In case of violation, it was decided to more strictly apply the rule to restrict leaving the at-bat, imposing a fine of 200,000 won. A speed-up item is also added to the referee evaluation.

Pitchers’ foreign body inspections will also become more robust. Foreign material inspection is conducted before or during the game when the referees have doubts or when the opposing team raises an objection. The inspection is conducted by the referee and the umpire together. In addition to pitchers, fielders and catchers may also be inspected according to the judgment of the referee. If the use of a foreign substance is detected, the player in question is immediately ejected and is subject to a 10-game suspension.

Regulations on baseball equipment, such as rosin and pitching gloves, will also become stricter. Only products approved by KBO, MLB in the US, or NPB in Japan can be used. The rosin to be used in the game must be confirmed by the referee one hour before the start of the game.

Even base running gloves worn by runners to prevent injury can only be used within 30 cm in length x 13 cm in width. After wearing it, it must be fixed so that it does not fall out of the hand during play. If the referee judges that this has been violated, a penalty of 2 million won will be imposed. 스포츠토토

During cleaning time, waiting players are also prohibited from having private conversations with opponents on the ground. This is a measure to prevent misunderstandings that occur outside of the game in advance and strengthen fairness.

The rules related to the injured list are also changed. Each team decided to admit the list of injured players retroactively up to 3 days after the cancellation of the entry so that the list can be decided after watching the progress of the player’s injury.

Meanwhile, the KBO decided to establish the KBO Defense Award (tentative name) to recognize the value of defense and promote improvement in league defense skills. The selection of candidates and winners will be finalized and announced by the Executive Committee at a later date.

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