Bae Ji-hwan “It’s nice to see McCutcheon back… Ji Ji-hyung, please accept my apology”

February 10, 2023 0 Comments

Bae Ji-hwan (24, Pittsburgh Pirates) wears the same dugout this season as ‘Idol’ Andrew McCutcheon (37) and close senior Choi Ji-man (32).

I had the opportunity to grow significantly both mentally and technically.

Bae Ji-hwan left for the United States on the 10th to join the 2023 American Professional Baseball Major League Pittsburgh Spring Camp.

Bae Ji-hwan, who met reporters at Incheon International Airport, smiled brightly, thinking of McCutcheon and Choi Ji-man.

Bae Ji-hwan, who started his professional life after signing with Pittsburgh in 2018, recalled, “When I first came to Pittsburgh, I grew up watching senior Kang Jeong-ho and McCutcheon.” The captain is back. It’s a great opportunity for me.”

McCutcheon is the biggest star Pittsburgh has ever produced.

McCutcheon, who joined Pittsburgh in 2005, was called the “captain” before transferring to the San Francisco Giants in 2018.

In 2013, he had a batting average of 0.317, 21 homers, 84 RBIs, 97 runs scored, and 27 stolen bases, and was named the National League Most Valuable Player (MVP).

Pittsburgh, a small market club, used McCutcheon as a trade card as he was close to obtaining free agent qualification.

However, in 2023, when the retirement time approached, McCutcheon returned to Pittsburgh, and Bae Ji-hwan, the “McCutcheon Kid”, welcomed his return. 온라인바카라

Ji-Hwan Choi, who made friends with Bae Ji-Hwan outside the stadium, also wore a Pittsburgh uniform as a trade.

Bae Ji-hwan laughed and said, “I’m so close that I can’t say itchy words. Even if my throw is bad, I hope Jee Ji-yi catches the throw well at first base.”

Although not in the big leagues, Shim Jun-seok also joined Pittsburgh right after graduating from high school.

Bae Ji-hwan promised to serve as a mentor for Shim Jun-seok, saying, “If you need my help, please contact me anytime.”

Bae Ji-hwan, who made his big league debut on September 24 last year, dreams of becoming a ‘full-time big leaguer’ in 2023.

However, after enduring a long time, he calmly said, “I will not be disappointed even if I am excluded from the opening roster, and I will work hard to re-enter the big leagues.”

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