‘Batting average 0.167 + on-base percentage 0.615’ The presence of a 41-year-old veteran leadoff “A player who knows baseball”

April 7, 2023 0 Comments

“Isn’t he a player who knows baseball? The number one hitter is a role that creates chances.”

3 games since opening. Only one hit, but six walks. With one ball added, the on-base percentage exceeds 60%.

41 years old this year. Choo Shin-soo is no longer enough even with the word ‘veteran’. However, along with his friend Kim Kang-min, he is still the hitter leading SSG Landers.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, whom I met on the 6th, said, “The hitting still looks good. If it’s not good, I can’t pick out a walk that way. It’s because I run out of patience.”

“(Chu) Shin-soo knows baseball. Isn’t the number 1 hitter the role of creating chances? Picking the ball and walking away is important. It’s easy to say and difficult to say. Being a pioneer doesn’t get better as your career accumulates.”

Along with Choo Shin-soo, coach Kim picked Park Seong-han as a player with a good pioneering mind in the team. He emphasized, “Park Seong-han also has a very good pioneering plan. He sees the ball well.

Prior to the season, coach Kim Won-hyung had considered placing Choo Shin-soo at number 3 to utilize his slugging power and clutch ability. A left and right cleanup trio of Choo Shin-soo, Choi Jeong-Hanyu Island is also formed. 메이저사이트

However, for that to happen, the condition of Choi Ji-hoon, who will serve as the leadoff instead of Choo Shin-soo, is key. Is it an aftereffect of the 2023 WBC? Choi Ji-hoon is still staying at 1 hit in 11 at-bats (batting average of 9 p.m.). Coach Kim laughed, saying, “I’ll think about it if (Choi) Ji-hoon plays better.”

On this day, Choo Shin-soo was appointed as number 1, but Choi Ji-hoon was changed from number 2 to number 9. It was to give him some space in the back batting order. Choo Shin-soo was hit by a sand ball in his first at-bat and went on base again, but the game was canceled as it was a no game in the rain.

Choo Shin-soo has still played in all three games as a designated hitter, but is also preparing to return to right field, his main position in the future.

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