Cheonan City FC Appoints Secretary General Kim Hyung-Mok to Lead Smooth Communication and Cooperation”

June 9, 2023 0 Comments

Cheonan City FC, a new civic club in the Korean Football League (K League 2), has appointed a new general secretary, Kim Hyung-mok.

Cheonan City FC announced the news on the 9th.

Kim Hyung-mok is an administrative and financial expert who has served as a local government official in Cheonan City for many years and has experience in various fields. With his long experience in public service, he is considered the right person to lead smooth communication and cooperation between the civic club and Cheonan City Hall. 안전놀이터

Previously, Kim Hyung-mok worked at Cheonan City Hall’s Culture and Sports Officer’s Office and Budget and Legal Affairs Department, where he made administrative and financial achievements as well as sports-related work. In 2021, he served as the head of the Korea Football Center Promotion Team and played an important role in moving the center of Korean football to Cheonan. In particular, he is said to have made great efforts to build a football history museum within the center.

“Being appointed as the secretary general of Cheonan City FC is an opportunity for me to once again dedicate myself to the city of Cheonan based on my 30 years of public service experience in Cheonan,” said Kim, who started working with Cheonan City FC. “I will do my best to make Cheonan City FC a club that is loved by the citizens of Cheonan,” he said. The appointment of the new secretary general is expected to further strengthen the work capacity of the club’s secretariat.

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