Chinese media “Director Bento is smart… Korea and Japan are always consistent in their attitude and skills”

December 14, 2022 0 Comments

Xu Yunlong (43), who served as the Chinese national team defender for the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, analyzed and evaluated the Asian countries participating in the Qatar World Cup.

According to China’s Sina Sports on the 14th, Xu Yunlong, who appeared as a World Cup commentator, said, “The coaches of Japan and Australia, including Korea, who have advanced to the tournament (final 16), talk about what they want to do with their opponents, what results they want, and what teams they want to face. I think smart.”

“Korea and Japan always maintain a consistent attitude and skill 안전놀이터 even when overseas players play in their home countries,” he said.

The Qatar World Cup is evaluated as a tournament in which Asian countries have made great strides. Excluding the host country Qatar, Korea, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran won one game in each group stage.

Unlike in the past where they were eliminated early due to losing streak after failing to use their strength against European and South American countries, they made a surprise by defeating the ‘champion candidates’.

Saudi Arabia was eliminated in the group stage, but defeated Argentina, who advanced to the final, and Iran also caught Wales to revive the embers of the round of 16.

Australia defeated Tunisia and Denmark in the group stage and advanced to the round of 16 as second place in the group. In particular, Japan achieved a miraculous come-from-behind victory over strong Germany (2-1) and Spain (2-1) in the ‘Group of Death’, and advanced to the round of 16 as the top player in the group.

Korea, which had been tightly united under coach Paulo Bento, miraculously defeated Portugal in the face of early elimination and advanced to the round of 16 for the second time.

Xu Yunlong said, “There was an aspect that our opponents didn’t take seriously,” and said, “You have to look at the persistence of Asian teams and a factor that they have developed over the years.”

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