Chungnam Asan, sponsorship agreement with ‘Sports Tape’ TR Co., Ltd. this year

March 16, 2023 0 Comments

Chungnam Asan FC will also join the 2023 season with ‘Sports Tape’ Inc. T.R.

Chungnam Asan signed an official sponsorship agreement with TR Co., Ltd. for the 2023 season. Following the first agreement in the 2021 season, they will continue to accompany them for the third year.

Through this agreement, Chungnam Asan will receive sponsorship of TR’s own sports tape product, Tapero, to prevent injuries and improve performance of professional and youth teams, and promote the tape through SNS contents.

Tape is a premium sports tape developed through years of research by researchers with master’s and doctoral degrees in physical therapy and trainers of the national team. It is biomechanically designed and has excellent effects in maintaining body balance, supporting muscles, and reinforcing various physical imbalances, and is expanding its brand position through exports beyond Korea.

As a tape that is differentiated from the existing sports tape, it is patented in the material part (Spandex-NYLON blend) and provides comfort to consumers with excellent moisture absorption and drainage. In addition, elasticity that is 6 times stronger than the existing cotton tape and 4-way stretching function enable various body motion mechanisms to be assisted, helping users to perform safer and more efficient exercises by improving joint stability and preventing injuries. 스포츠토토

Tial has been with Chungnam-Asan since the 2021 season and is helping the players maintain their best condition. Kim Hye-seong said, “I get a lot of help with tape during training and games. In particular, he feels that his hamstring movement has become much smoother, so he wants to use it often in the future.”

CEO Kim Byung-soo of T.R Co., Ltd. said, “I am happy to be with the Chungnam Asan Professional Soccer Team this season as well. We hope that Tapero will be the key to victory by helping players prevent injuries and improve performance. I will spare no support and support for the promotion of Chungnam Asan FC this season.”

Chungnam Asan CEO Jeon Hye-ja said, “I am grateful to T.R CEO Kim Byung-soo and the officials who have been with us for the development of the Chungnam-Asan professional soccer team. With the tapes you sponsored, the product is of great help to our players. We will continue various activities so that the two companies can develop together while continuing the agreement.”

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