Competition and competition again, 112 wins Legendary Liu Bimu-Hwan, who is the candidate for “up to 7 to 8 people”?

February 5, 2023 0 Comments

It’s a lot of good, good luck.

The NC Dinos set up camp in Tucson, Arizona, which is warm for the first time in three years. Compared to domestic training, the pitchers’ training performance is clear.

You can quickly raise your pitching step in warm weather.

In particular, the pace of left-handed ace Chang-mo Koo and closer Lee Yong-chan, who are set to compete in the WBC in March, is even faster. 메이저놀이터

Lee Yong-chan and Koo Chang-mo have already started pitching in the bullpen. The two players digested 30 pitches each at 80% intensity in the first pitching. Lee Yong-chan is aiming for 70 pitches before joining the Tucson camp, the training ground for the WBC national team, on the 15th. Gu Chang-mo is aiming for 50.

Kang In-kwon’s first goal this season is to “stabilize the selection”. To this end, Kang Kang-dok declared, “The priority is to strengthen pitching power through competition between competitive pitchers.”

It is the pitching coach’s job to specify the direction of the command tower. There is a legend that shines with 112 active wins. My coach is Sukyung Kim. In 2000, when he was in the modern era, he won 18 wins and was tied for first place with a trio of 18 wins with teammates Lim Seon-dong and Jeong Min-tae. He is generously imparting his know-how to young candidates who are growing rapidly.

Lee Yong-jun, who gained experience by playing in 10 games last year, is also a young pitcher who will join the rookie pitchers in the starting challenge. 안전놀이터

It’s not just young pitchers who are starting out. Veteran Jae-Hak Lee, who remained with a free agent contract, and left-hander Choi Seong-young, who completed military service, are candidates to bring diversity to the starting rotation. A selection of up to 10 candidates. Already, the atmosphere of the Arizona camp is heating up with fierce competition.

The variable in the NC starting lineup this season is the native ace Koo Chang-mo. He is a pitcher who is likely to be selected as a wild card for the Asian Games as well as the WBC. The pace was raised early by preparing for the WBC, and the Asian Games are held during the season. If selected, NC must go through the season without a left-handed ace. This is why we are preparing as many candidates as possible.

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