‘Continuous misreading controversy’ KOVO prepares countermeasures “Can be corrected when errors are found”

January 11, 2023 0 Comments

The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) has established guidelines to prevent the recurrence of the recent controversy over video reading.

On the 11th, KOVO said, 메이저사이트 “We had an emergency countermeasure meeting on the 9th about the recent video review-related controversies, such as KB Insurance’s net touch, KGC Ginseng Corporation’s transmission of miso-jangmyeon, and Hyundai Capital’s 4-Heat-related readout corrections.”

First, the federation apologized for the recent video review-related controversy, saying, “We apologize for causing confusion during the reading process.” “We issued a stern warning to the head of the game operation office and the referee office for responsibility for training and management,” he said.

In order to prevent recurrence, the guide was set as ‘if the game/judge finds a clear error immediately after the announcement of the video review result, it can be corrected through a re-confirmation procedure limited to the screen(s) already provided immediately.’ The federation explained, “We plan to carefully conduct the reading process by using multi-angle reading screens when reading the video.”

On the 27th of last month, the controversy over misreading in a match between KB Insurance and KEPCO started. KB Insurance coach Hu In-jeong applied for a video review of KEPCO’s Park Chan-woong’s net touch, but protested strongly when a no-touch was declared. In response, the reading was conducted again and Park Chan-woong’s net touch was confirmed, but the referees did not overturn it because they had already made a decision.

However, in the match between Korean Air and Hyundai Capital on the 7th, the exact opposite situation was created. Even after the decision was made through video review, it was overturned and caused controversy.

Hyundai Capital manager Choi Tae-woong requested a video review claiming Korean Air’s four hits were wrong, and at first the reading result came out that Korean Air’s four hits were correct. However, after checking the video again after Korean Air requested a re-reading, the decision was overturned, saying that it was not a four-hit crime.

In response, coach Choi referred to the misreading controversy that came out of the game on the 27th of last month and protested strongly, saying, “Didn’t it be said that the video reading cannot be overturned before?”

In addition, on the 6th, in the process of video reading in the game between Korea Expressway Corporation and KGC Ginseng Corporation, there was even an incident where five scenes were transmitted. 메이저사이트

The federation said, “We plan to make every effort to make an accurate judgment based on this case as a lesson.” I will do it,” he said.

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