‘Crazy amount of activity’ Choi Min-joon, Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School’s energizer

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“I had good stamina since I was young. He feels good when he makes one defense. He is confident in defense and activity.”
Cheonan Bongseocho lost 27-48 to Beomalcho in the 22nd Korea Basketball Association National Elementary School Basketball Tournament men’s elementary school finals tournament (quarterfinals) held at Kimcheon Gymnasium on the 22nd, and finished the schedule of this tournament.

Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School was in Group F with Daegu Chilgok Elementary School and Kukwon Elementary School in the group stage. The power of Chilgokcho in Daegu is strong. It was a competition for second place in the group with Kukwoncho. Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School defeated Kukwon Elementary School 71-16 and stood on the stage of the final tournament.

Cheonan Bongseocho, who advanced to the final tournament with one win in this tournament, must have laid the foundation for growth just by playing against Beolmalcho, who is considered a candidate for the championship.

The players leading Cheonan Bongseocho are Hwang Jun (161cm, G) and Kim Yu-rang (164cm, G). There was another player who stood out here, and the main character is ‘Energizer’ Choi Min-jun (154cm, G). Choi Min-joon is short at 154 cm, but he doesn’t mind doing dirty work. He is also active in body fighting. He is good at getting involved in rebound fights and breaking up scoring opportunities with the right passes. Choi Min-joon’s playing time is within three fingers of the team.

Even at the end of the match and in the quarterfinals, he realized the difference in power and lost, but Choi Min-joon’s hustle and fighting spirit as he played full time (32 minutes) and ran the court throughout the game was enough to be applauded. From the sweat on Choi Min-joon’s forehead, we could tell how hard he worked on the court.

According to coach Park Sang-gwan of Cheonan Bongseo Elementary School, Choi Min-joon is the team’s most active player and plays the role of an energizer. 스포츠토토

After the match, Choi Min-joon said, “It’s a pity,” and said, “I played a match with Beol Mal-cho during winter training in Jeju Island, and I won that time. That’s why he seems to be careless. I learned something again through this tournament, and I felt something to improve on,” he said. “Still, I am satisfied with just reaching the quarterfinals. In the future, I want to sharpen my skills more diligently and climb to a higher place in the next competition,” he said after finishing the competition.“At the beginning of my senior year, I joined the basketball team for fun because of a friend. Basketball was fun, so I continued to play it. It was nice to play a 5-on-5 game with each other,” said Choi Min-joon, who told how he started playing basketball, “I feel pleasure when I dribble and score goals. I want to make the forward dribbling faster. While dribbling is weak, defense is the most confident,” he explained his strengths and weaknesses.

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