Director Kim Sang-sik revealed the transfer of Cho Kyu-seong, “a win-win is needed for both the player and the club”

January 12, 2023 0 Comments

Jeonbuk Hyundai manager Kim Sang-sik mentioned the transfer of Cho Kyu-sung.

Coach Sang-sik Kim won the championship in the first year of 2021 when he was appointed to Jeonbuk, achieving Jeonbuk’s 5th consecutive victory. However, last season, they lost to Ulsan and stayed in the runner-up. Moreover, the public opinion of the fans was not good either. Jeonbuk fans scolded manager Kim Sang-shik for his sluggish performance. In addition to the criticism, there was even a resignation movement.

Nevertheless, Jeonbuk showed their trust in manager Kim Sang-shik. Jeonbuk officially announced a renewal of the contract with manager Kim Sang-shik in November of last year. Also, with the recruitment of Storm, he is adding strength to director Kim Sang-sik. Jeonbuk has strengthened their squad by recruiting Kim Gun-woong, Oh Jae-hyuk, Lee Dong-jun, Jung Min-ki, Lee Subin, Amano Jun, and Rafael.

Director Kim Sang-sik attended the official press conference at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse on the 12th.

[Hereinafter, director Kim Sang-shik’s Q&A]

– Commitment to the new season

We made up for what we lacked last year and recruited good players. We will become a younger and more energetic team and will never lose at home.

– You did a good job reinforcing your power?

Jeonbuk always aims to win, so this year they recruited players to win. There is always something I missed while playing in three tournaments, but this year I will prepare well so that I can aim for the treble.

– Director Park Ji-sung and technical advisor Di Mateo are together?

We want to develop a lot while working together. We plan to prepare to move forward as a world-class team, including the tactical part. Adviser Di Matteo joins training camp in Spain

– How did you feel watching the World Cup?

We had a technical team and had several impressive players. Morocco and Argentina are impressive, but our players also performed well. I hope to accept the global trend and show up well in the arena.

– Did you renew the contract?

I am grateful to the club for giving me another chance. I couldn’t play the football that the fans wanted because of my lack of appearance. From now on, I want to play soccer that is more challenging and can satisfy the fans.

– Director Hong Myung-bo’s remarks towards Jun Amano?

He is always a respected director. Amano talked about that part, so he didn’t really talk about it. He seems to have had a misunderstanding between the club and Amano, but he is enjoying his workout in Jeonbuk.

– Cho Kyu-seong transferred

Cho Kyu-Sung played well in the World Cup and actually received a recruitment offer. As a director, I want to go in the summer, but I can’t fulfill my own greed. I am considering it because the player’s future depends on it. Since we have to consider the physical condition and timing, we will talk to each other so that we can be satisfied.

– You didn’t use Cho Kyu-seong very much, did you?

It is true that as a manager, I do not want to send a good player. Watching Ghana’s goal, he was ecstatic in celebration. He is looking for ways 온라인카지노 to satisfy both the team and the players.

– When is the transfer date?

It is a matter of uncertain timing. Stay tuned, we will try to make a decision soon.

– Which positions need reinforcement?

I was thinking of recruiting a defender, but Park Jin-seop remained. He is looking for a defender and is watching the situation of foreign players as well. Through an aggressive player, I want to play soccer that wins with many goals at home.

– Who’s competing?

It is also Ulsan. It has been competing for a long time. I want to prepare thoroughly and take the failure of last year as a mirror and lift the trophy this year without fail.

– To fans of the new season

It was difficult for the players because of the schedule. Fans were disappointed with a three-game losing streak at home in the first half of last season. I feel a sense of responsibility as a manager and I think that if I show good soccer again, they will cheer me on. I will try to listen more carefully.

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