End of trouble number 4? Home run hitter returns. Participated in the 2nd team game next door in 27 days. Weekend KIA comeback

May 3, 2023 0 Comments

Can we see a cool home run now? Jason Martin, a foreign hitter from the NC Dinos, starts playing in the second group for a comeback.

On the 2nd, at Changwon NC Park, a familiar face was training with the first team players. It was Martin, a foreign batter. Martin felt pain in his side while swinging in the first at-bat in the first inning against the Doosan Bears on April 4, the third game of the regular league, and was replaced due to pain after playing only one at-bat the next day. Eventually, at a hospital checkup, he was diagnosed with microscopic damage to the internal oblique muscle and started treatment and rehabilitation.

It was a place to check while training in the first team in a situation where the physical condition improved on this day and the actual battle was ahead.

NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “I did the training normally today, but there were no noticeable symptoms.” I plan to digest the defense and decide on a call-up.”

Physical condition rather than hitting feel is the criterion for a call-up. Coach Kang said, “Even if you play well in the Futures League, you have to adapt again when you come to the first team.” .

From the 2nd, the NC 2nd Division has been playing three consecutive matches against the Lotte Giants in the Futures League weekdays at Masan Stadium, right next to Changwon NC Park. First-team coaching staff can check Martin’s physical condition and condition. 메이저사이트

If Martin’s condition is not a problem, it is expected that Martin’s blow will be seen from the weekend home game against the KIA Tigers.

NC has been struggling with the 4th batter since Martin has been missing. Son A-seop also stepped up, and Park Gun-woo also stepped forward, but they did not show a good performance. Coach Kang said, “I wanted to leave it to one player until Martin returned, but I was worried because it would be difficult to hit only 4 times.” The pressure may have been greater to take on the role.”

Now, Martin’s comeback is counting down. Worry number 4 also disappears.

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