‘Entertainment godfather son-in-law’ Kim Young-chan, toward Gyeongnam’s ‘promoted godfather’

February 7, 2023 0 Comments

Those who are not familiar with the K-League will remember Kim Young-chan (30) as the son-in-law of Lee Gyeong-gyu, the ‘godfather of entertainment’.

However, Kim Young-chan, seen by K-League fans, is an important resource to keep the center of defense for Gyeongnam FC this season. This is Kim Yeong-chan, who desperately wants to become the ‘godfather of promotion’ in Gyeongsangnam-do.

Sports Korea met with Kim Young-chan in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, where Gyeongnam FC’s second winter field training in preparation for the 2023 season was underway, and heard about the determination to face this season and the sense of responsibility after marriage.

When asked about his current situation, Kim Young-chan revealed that he had devoted himself to rehabilitation of his left calf injury sustained at the end of last year and had also gone on a honeymoon that had been delayed. This year, it was Kim Young-chan who was determined to sweat even more with coach Seol Ki-hyeon and Gyeongnam.

“I am entering my third year under coach Seol Ki-hyun. I know more about the football the coach wants than when I first came to Gyeongnam. . That’s why I’m working harder.”

“The coach said the most in the first meeting of this year, ‘We need to reduce the number of runs.’ Players are well aware that fewer goals can lead to higher rankings, so how to not allow goals as much as possible within the tactics the coach wants. As the coach and players have gained experience in Gyeongnam, they have been able to prepare even more details. It can be said that they are entering the ‘Sol Soccer Advanced Course’.”

Even though Kim Young-chan was the main defender of Gyeongnam last season, he only played in 21 games, half of the 42 games the team played. The cause was also an injury.

Kim Young-chan said, “I called all the hyungs around me who had experienced muscle injuries and heard personal know-how. From a really simple ‘go to bed early’ to ‘don’t drink carbonated water’, which is difficult to say scientifically proven, I decided to watch everything I heard. I am practicing it. That way, if I get injured, I think it will be less unfair. If I miss something and get injured, I wonder if I will feel unfair (laughs). Of course, I am doing everything I can to prevent injuries, as well as strengthening exercises that are so obvious.” . 스포츠토토

Kim Young-chan, who has been married for 2 years this year, is the son-in-law of broadcaster Lee Gyeong-gyu.

Kim Young-chan said, “My father-in-law doesn’t talk about the win or loss of the game because I’m afraid I’ll be burdened. He usually says, ‘I worked hard’ and ‘Let’s eat when I come back to Seoul.’ I know through my wife that you either like it or feel sorry for it. I am really grateful.”

In a recent broadcast, Mr. Lee Kyung-kyu revealed his great passion for soccer, saying, “When my grandchildren are born, I will send them to study soccer in Spain.” Regarding this, Kim Young-chan said, “My father-in-law also talks about it with sincerity to me (laughs). I also have the idea that I want my child to play soccer. My wife says it is greedy, but my father-in-law and I agree. The most important thing is whether you have a heart that wants to.”

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