‘ERA 11.12 Last’ Korean mound, an average of 89 miles that cannot be controlled is a reality

March 11, 2023 0 Comments

Fangraphs, a site specializing in American Major League statistics, published an interesting planning article in December of last year.

It evaluated the level of the KBO League as Double A, highlighting the possibility of Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes) and Shim Jun-seok (Pittsburgh Pirates) entering the major leagues. Fan Grafs said, ‘KBO is a league composed of 10 teams and plays at the level of Double-A. This is because the speed of pitchers is not enough compared to the major leagues. In 2022, the average fastball speed of KBO pitchers was 89 mph. (Omitted) However, due to the expansion of the standard of the official ball and the change of the strike zone, the number of batters with a slugging rate of 40% or more among batters with more than 300 at-bats has decreased significantly from 67 in 2016 to 30 in 2022’.

The characteristic of KBO pitchers was found in slow speed rather than control anxiety.

On the other hand, regarding Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), ‘ML officials evaluate NPB at least at the level of Triple A. Some officials consider it somewhere between Triple A and the major leagues.” It is believed that the difference in pitcher’s speed makes a difference at the league level. 메이저사이트

Fangrasp put Lee Jung-hoo, who is promoting major league advancement after this season, in fourth place after Murakami Munetaka, Yamamoto Yoshinobu, and Sasaki Rocky in the international prospect rankings, but ‘the ground ball rate when hitting a fast ball of 93 miles or more is 60%, and such Considering the ability to cope, there are also risk factors in adapting to the major leagues.” Lee Jung-hoo is an excellent hitter, but he is used to the slow speed of KBO pitchers.

Conversely, regarding Shim Jun-seok, he said, ‘Shim Jun-seok, 18, skipped the KBO with a fastball in the mid-90s and became an international amateur free agent.’

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