Even if you achieve the treble, it’s a problem… “Holland, is there any reason to stay at Manchester City?”

May 6, 2023 0 Comments

If Manchester City achieve the treble, will Erling Haaland stay?

Man City are facing a great challenge this season. After 24 years since the 1998-99 season, the English team is aiming for the treble (league championship, FA Cup championship, UCL championship).

There are plenty of possibilities. In the league, they kept second place behind Arsenal, but recently regained first place. Currently, they have 79 points from 33 league games, and the gap with ‘second place’ Arsenal is 1 point, but they are in a more favorable situation as they have played 1 less game.

It is also cruising in cup competitions. In the FA Cup, they advanced to the final and face off against Manchester United, and in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), they advanced to the semifinals and will face off against Real Madrid to advance to the final.

The presence of the ‘monster’ was great here. The main character is Holland. Hailed alongside Kylian Mbappe as the successor to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Haaland has conquered Austria and Germany before heading to England this season.

There were some concerns about whether he could adapt well, but they were all groundless. Haaland, who scored multiple goals from the opening game, led Manchester City’s attack with a tremendous scoring pace in every game. In the last game against West Ham United, he scored his 35th goal in the league, breaking the English Premier League (EPL) record for most goals in a single season, previously held by Alan Shearer and Andy Cole. 메이저놀이터 As there are still remaining schedules, the ’40 goal’ is expected to rise sufficiently.

Achieved a treble in writing a great record. If this works, it’s all done in the first season. It was a perfect situation, but there were also worrisome opinions.

Liverpool’s Stan Collymore says if Haaland has done everything in his first season, there will be no reason to stay at Manchester City. According to British media ‘Curt Offside’, he asked, “I wonder how long Haaland will remain at Man City. He has written a record and is on the verge of a treble. If he achieves that, how much will Holland have to stay at Man City?” raised Although somewhat quiet for now, last winter Haaland was strongly linked with Real Madrid.

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