‘Everyone’s Soccer Field, Everyone’s K-League’ Season 3, 2 days 1 night soccer clinic

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

Season 3 of ‘Everyone’s Soccer Field, Everyone’s K-League’ announced its start through the Unified Soccer Clinic. The Korea Professional Football Federation said, “Everyone’s Soccer Field, Everyone’s K-League Season 3, co-hosted by the federation and Special Olympics Korea and sponsored by Hana Financial Group and Hyundai Motor Group, starts with the ‘2023 Special Olympics Korea Integrated Soccer Clinic’ and this season We had a strong start,” he said on the 15th. The 2023 Special Olympics Korea Unified Soccer Clinic was held on the 13th and 14th at the Jecheon Soccer Center. A total of 10 integrated soccer teams from the federation and 9 K-League clubs (Gyeongnam, Daejeon, Busan, Seongnam, Incheon, Jeonbuk, Jeju, Pohang, Chungnam Asan) participated in this event. All participating teams consisted of a special athlete (developmentally disabled) and a partner athlete (non-disabled). On the first day of the event, Special Olympics Korea President Lee Yong-hun gave an opening remark, followed by recreational activities to build closeness and a soccer clinic with soccer YouTuber Go Ale. The players who participated in the event kept laughing throughout the recreational activities, and during the soccer clinic, everyone learned about shooting, passing, and ball control with a serious attitude. After the outdoor schedule, the first day was completed with yoga classes for special players and sexual assault prevention training for partner players. On the second day, a friendly match was played in the 3rd group full league match. The friendly match consisted of 6 special players and 5 partner players selected as an 11-person soccer team. The results of the match will be reflected in the group formation of the Unified Cup, which will be held in October. After all friendly matches were over, the closing ceremony and group photo shoot were held, and the two-day, one-night schedule of the ‘2023 Special Olympics Korea Integrated Football Clinic’ was completed. Through this event, 스포츠토토 all participating players experienced not only friendly games but also various activities together, providing an opportunity to break down the barriers between disabled and non-disabled people and become more familiar with each other. Meanwhile, Everyone’s Soccer Field, Everyone’s K-League is a social contribution activity introduced by the Federation and Hana Financial Group since 2020. In Seasons 1 and 2, K-League stadium guide maps for the mobility impaired have been provided to improve their viewing environment. In this season 3, we do not stop at indirectly supporting sports viewing, but take the lead in improving the human rights of the disabled and expanding the sports base by directly participating in sports for the disabled. In addition, this year, the federation, Hana Financial Group, and Hyundai Motor Group jointly held ‘Everyone’s Soccer Field, Everyone’s K-League’ season 3 to support integrated soccer for people with developmental disabilities and non-disabled people, and to hold the unified soccer competition ‘Unified Cup’. In connection with social enterprises ‘Hana Power On’ and ‘Hana Social Venture’, various projects will be carried out in which disabled people take the lead, such as holding an integrated soccer all-star game and ▲ education to improve awareness of the disabled.

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