Good starting pitching → close batting → bullpen collapse → losing streak… Kiwoom, it’s a similar pattern, so it’s harder

April 25, 2023 0 Comments

Kiwoom Heroes is riding a roller coaster on the leaderboard, repeating a losing streak despite good pitching from the starting lineup.

As of the 24th, Kiwoom played 19 games and recorded 8 wins and 11 losses, staying in 7th place overall. The leaderboard doesn’t mean much right now as they haven’t even played 30 games yet, but Kiwoom has fallen into frequent losing streaks from the very beginning of the season, and the team atmosphere is sinking very much.

Kiwoom fell into a 5-game losing streak from the 6th to the 11th, then ran 4 games in a row, then lost 2 games in a row, won 1 game, and lost 3 games in a row after that. In 3 consecutive matches against SSG on the weekend, all 3 games could not overcome the close game by 2 points, giving up all of them and losing the game.

In a team that keeps falling into a swamp of losing streak, it is only up to the starters to give strength. Kiwoom starters recorded 12 quality starts (63.2%) in 19 games. Ahn Woo-jin achieved 4 times, Ariel Hurado and Choi Won-tae each achieved 3 times, and Eric Yokishi achieved 2 times. 안전놀이터 This is the highest among the 10 teams. The starting digestion innings were also second overall with 105⅔ innings. However, with only 5 wins and 6 losses, the win rate for the starters is only 0.455 (7th place).

Neither the bullpen nor the batting line helped them. Although the Kiwoom bullpen looks small on the outside with three blown saves this season, the average bullpen ERA was only 4.97 (9th in the league) and suffered 5 losses. According to Stattis, Kiwoom’s bullpen WAR (contribution to victory versus substitute players) was -0.27, the only negative among 10 clubs. Salvation WPA (Win Contribution Percentage) was also the lowest at -1.55. The successor runner’s loss was also the worst in the league with 11 out of 18 (61.1%).

The batting line is evenly staying at the bottom of the batting ranks. 9th in batting average (0.242), 8th in runs scored (74), 9th in RBI (69), 8th in home runs (8), 8th in slugging percentage (0.342), 9th in on-base percentage (0.320), 9th in OPS (0.661) ), all of which are hard to beat. As seen in the 10th place in pinch hit batting average (0.071), there are not enough cards to change the atmosphere.

Given this situation, Kiwoom’s game pattern is similar every time, unless it is a game in which the 5 starters (Jae-Young Jang and Seung-Ho Lee) pitch. While the starters struggled, the other line failed to score, leading to a close game, and the bullpen, who came up from the lead or inferior within 2 points, gave up points and lost.

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