Gyeonggi-do superintendent athletics competition MVPs swept 100 and 200m

April 23, 2023 0 Comments

Jihwan Seol of Jipyeong Elementary School, Eunseo Bang of Seocho Elementary School of Gimpo, Dohwan Kim of Yongin Middle School, and Yunseo Noh of Geumpa Middle
School were selected as the
best athletes. Overall championship supremacy

The 2023 Gyeonggi-do Superintendent Track and Field Competition (the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival Gyeonggi-do representative final selection), which was revived after 6 years, concluded a heated competition for 3 days on the 21st, and the players who achieved 2nd and 3rd crowns were selected as the best players of the competition. . These top athletes are all winners of the 100m and 200m events. In addition, Siheung Office of Education and Paju Office of Education won overall championships in the first and second divisions, respectively.

The best player of the tournament was selected for male and female elementary and middle school students, excluding high school players. Seol Ji-hwan, a 5th grader at Jipyeong Elementary School, who won the 100m (12.70 seconds) and 200m (26.62 seconds) event, was awarded the Best Male Elementary Athlete Award. Bang Eun-seo, a 6th grader at Gimpo Seo Elementary School, was awarded the Best Female Elementary School Player Award. After winning two gold medals with records of 100m 13.51 and 200m 27.91, Bang Eun-seo became the second runner in the 400m relay held this morning and contributed to the victory of the Gimpo Office of Education with a record of 57.52, winning three gold medals. did.

Kim Do-hwan (100m, 11.18 seconds, 200m, 22.55), a 3rd grader at Yongin Middle School, was awarded the best male middle school athlete award, and Noh Yun-seo (100m, 12.45 second, 200m, 25.17 seconds), a 2nd grader at Geumpa Middle School, was selected for the female middle school student’s best athlete award, with a certificate and a trophy. received

Comprehensive awards are divided into Part 1 (for national education support offices with a population of 500,000 and over 50,000 students) and Part 2 (for departments with a population of 500,000 and less than 50,000 students). It was divided into the Ministry of Education).

Siheung Office of Education scored 241.5 points, beating Ansan Office of Education (234 points) and Anyang Gwacheon Office of Education (177 points) to win the first division overall. In the second part, the Paju Office of Education, which scored 148 points, took the lead, while the Gimpo Office of Education (113 points) and the Gunpo Uiwang Office of Education (98.5 points) took second and third place, respectively. 안전놀이터

On the final day of the competition, a series of mid- and long-distance finals were held, including the 800m event for male and female elementary schools.

Kim Tae-joong, director of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, who is in charge of this competition, said, “Looking at the celebration at the opening ceremony of the competition on the 19th, I felt that this competition would be a signal for daily recovery and revitalization of school sports after the Corona 19 incident.” We will try to implement sports policies that support the field.”

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