I’m sure Lee Jung-hoo expected it… Lotte 1st round rookie, shall we follow in his footsteps?

February 4, 2023 0 Comments

Can Min-seok Kim (19), a rookie in the first round of the Lotte Giants in 2023, follow in the footsteps of Jung-hoo Lee (25, Kiwoom Heroes)?

In the 2023 KBO League rookie draft, Lotte nominated Whimoongo infielder Kim Min-seok as the 3rd overall pick in the first round. Kim Min-seok attracted the attention of many scouts with his outstanding batting skills during his days in the league. Last year, when he was a senior in high school, he showed off his potential by recording a batting average of 0.544 (37 hits in 68 at-bats) in 20 games in the High School Baseball Weekend League and National High School Baseball Championship last year. He is evaluated as having as much talent as his high school senior Lee Jung-hoo. 메이저사이트

Coincidentally, Kim Min-seok is following in the footsteps of his senior, Lee Jung-hoo. It is similar in that he graduated from Whimoon High School and was nominated in the top round as a right-handed left-handed hitter and entered the professional league. Immediately after joining, he has the possibility to play as an outfielder rather than an infielder, which is his main position.

After Lee Jung-hoo was nominated by Kiwoom (former Nexen), he shifted his position to the outfield to improve his batting ability. After that, from the first year of his debut (2017), he showed potential by participating in all games and recording a batting average of over 30% (0.324). He grew up slowly, and last year, he vomited a spirit of winning five batting crowns (batting average, RBI, hits, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage).

Kim Min-seok is also classified as an outfielder and starts spring camp. It is not a complete position change. It is a process of finding clothes that fit both infielders and outfielders. The club plans to evaluate Kim Min-seok in various ways while preparing for the spring camp and demonstration season.

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