In fact, intimidation… Chelsea aim to trade ‘two bench players’ to lower Felix’s €100 million transfer fee

May 9, 2023 0 Comments

Chelsea are aiming for a partial trade for the complete signing of Joao Felix.

The British ‘Evening Standard’ said on the 9th (Korean time), “Chelsea is negotiating with Mauricio Pochettino and Atletico Madrid over a way to permanently sign Felix. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mark are due to the high transfer fee Cucurella may also be used.”

Felix has been loaned out to Chelsea this winter. Having been gradually pushed out of the lineup by Atletico Madrid this season, he moved to Chelsea, a team in crisis, to seek a career change.

So far, it’s hard to see it as a success. He was able to increase his playing time, starting 10 of 14 games, but his form has stagnated, scoring just three goals, the same as at Atlético Madrid. Interim manager Frank Lampard doesn’t trust Felix enough to put him on the bench lately.

Nevertheless, Chelsea are aiming for Felix’s full signing. This is because the current situation of Chelsea’s striker is not easy. Kai Havertz is ahead of the main competition, but he is not enough talent to entrust one season. That’s why you can’t trust Aubameyang or Romelu Lukaku, who will return from loan.

The problem is the transfer fee. Atletico Madrid are sticking with Felix’s price tag of 100 million euros (about 145.2 billion won). He could sign a new loan deal for £16m (approximately 26.7 billion won), but it is not the direction Chelsea want. 메이저놀이터

Trade is also being considered to lower the price. Chelsea currently have a massive squad of 32 players. It is a situation where release is necessary to comply with the Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations and to calm the dissatisfaction of the entire team.

The plan is to send Aubameyang and Cucurella to Spain. According to the media, Atlético Madrid are interested in both Aubameyang and Cucurella, and Chelsea have figured out this fact and plan to use it to sign Felix.

Both players are currently on the bench. Aubameyang started for the first time in a long time against Arsenal, but went down to the bench again with the worst performance, and Cucurella is out of power due to Ben Chilwell’s return and injury.

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