Is it because of the WBC, people suffering from aftereffects

May 6, 2023 0 Comments

In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in March, the Korean baseball team was eliminated from the group stage. They lost 7-8 to Australia, who were rated one lower, and suffered a crushing defeat 4-13 to Japan, which they regarded as their ‘rival’.

Before the shock even goes away, the KBO League players who participated in the 2023 WBC are getting line injuries. In addition, players representing the KBO league, such as Lee Jung-hoo and Kim Gwang-hyun, fell into serious slumps. Head coach Lee Kang-cheol, the head coach of the Korean WBC national team, led kt wiz to a 9-game losing streak at the end of April.

Since the WBC is held in March, before the start of the season, KBO League players had to build up their bodies earlier than usual. In other words, they have to go through a process that is different from the normal season starting from spring camp. Even the varsity team’s Arizona camp was cold due to the abnormal climate. As a result, the risk of injury is greater than ever.

Concerns turned into reality. The Korean national team was unable to utilize closer Ko Woo-seok in the WBC last March. This is because Ko Woo-seok had to leave the lineup due to shoulder pain during an evaluation match against the Hanshin Tigers.

Ko Woo-seok went through rehabilitation and returned to the first team on the 18th of last month. However, he complained of discomfort in his lower back after the match against KIA Tigers on April 30th. In the end, he was again excluded from the first team entry due to back muscle pain. 안전놀이터

Go Woo-seok is just the tip of the iceberg. Numerous KBO League players who participated in the WBC are suffering from injuries. ‘Ace’ Kim Gwang-hyun, who pitched against Japan, was excluded from the first team entry once due to shoulder inflammation after the start of the 2023 season, and So Joon So-jun, who played an active role as a bullpen pitcher, also sprained his right forearm muscle (forearm muscle) after the LG Twins match on April 2. Diagnosed.

NC Dinos finisher Lee Yong-chan went down to the 2nd team on the 1st after experiencing a deterioration in physical condition due to increased fatigue. LG left-hander starting pitcher Kim Yun-shik also delayed his starting pitching date due to back pain.

Yasujin is also full of injured. Na Seong-beom, an outfielder for Lee Kang-cheol, suffered a toe injury before the season started, and Choi Ji-hoon also suffered a sprained ankle ligament on April 29th. Shortstop Oh Ji-hwan returned from an oblique muscle injury in early April, and first baseman Park Byung-ho was excluded from the first-team entry on the 30th of last month due to a minor hamstring injury.

Kim Hyun-soo, who was the captain of the national team, also missed the end of April due to back discomfort. Of the 28 KBO league players who participated in the WBC, 10 suffered major or minor injuries. It is a result that has no choice but to recall the aftereffects of WBC.

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