‘It’s been a long time since the clash with Korea’ Klinsman’s debut opponent, Colombia and Uruguay coach all ‘old faces’

March 13, 2023 0 Comments

Both Colombia and Uruguay coaches, whom Jurgen Klinsmann, the men’s national soccer team coach will face, have experience in facing Korea in Korea. In particular, the Colombia coach also participated in the Korean competition alongside coach Klinsman.

On the 13th, Korea announced its first A-match roster of 26 players after Klinsman took over as head coach. The team will be convened on the 20th and will play two consecutive matches against Colombia on the 24th and Uruguay on the 28th. This is the first opportunity to meet coach Klinsman’s new national team.

Coach Klinsman has had several encounters with coach Nestor Lorenzo, who is leading Colombia, during his active career. Director Lorenzo is from Argentina. He scored one goal in 13 of his A matches as a representative of Argentina. As a leader, he served as Colombia’s coach for 7 years and formed a deep relationship, and was appointed head coach in June of last year. He is a person who visited Korea even during his coaching days.

Both coaches played in Korea in 1988, when they were in the prime of their careers. It’s the Seoul Olympics. Lorenzo, an Argentinian national, played as a starter in the group stage match against the hosts, Korea Republic, which they won 2-1. At that time, the Korean members were Choi Soon-ho, Park Kyung-hoon, Choi Kang-hee, and Kim Joo-seong. In this tournament, Argentina was eliminated in the quarterfinals, and West Germany, where Klinsmann played an active role, won the bronze medal. Klinsmann scored four goals in the tournament. 로켓 토토

The two clashed two years later. When Klinsmann led West Germany to the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Lorenzo was in Argentina, the opponent in the final. Lorenzo’s representative career was short, but in 1990 he supported Maradona as the main defensive midfielder. Only Klins did not score in this match, but it had a big impact on the game by sending Argentine defender Pedro Monson off.

Uruguayan coach Marcelo Brolly was relatively less famous, so it was difficult to see him on the international stage, but he is not the first to go to Korea. He participated in the 2003 A match as a representative of Uruguay. However, he flew all the way to Korea, but could not be put into the game. At that time, among the selected members of Korea was Cha Doo-ri, an advisor to the current national team. The result was a 2-0 victory for Uruguay.

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