Jeju Yuri, who even received Korean tutoring, “Is Jo Min-gyu a replacement? I want to surpass him”

January 10, 2023 0 Comments

“Replacing Joo Min-gyu? I want to surpass him.”

Jeju United’s new foreign striker Yuri Jonatan (24) is a player Jeju has been observing for a long time. A club scout spotted him in Brazil. The contract period is 3 years. That’s why he has high expectations from Yuri. We met at Incheon International Airport prior to field training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He said, “I know that Jeju is a big club. The environment as well as the players welcomed me. I will try to align with the direction the club wants. Motivation is good,” he said.

Yuri studied Korean in Brazil. He already has no problem reading. Rumor has it that Yuri surprised everyone by writing ‘Americano’ in Korean. Even at her interview, Yuri pronounced “hello” and “thank you” correctly. He said, “I hired a Korean tutor in Brazil and learned to speak and write for about a month. 스포츠토토

Yuri has to fill the vacancy left by Joo Min-gyu, who left for Ulsan Hyundai. Joo Min-gyu became the top scorer with 22 goals in the 2021 season, and also scored 17 goals last season. Yuri is well aware of this. He said, “I found out that Joo Min-gyu is the top scorer while looking for a team called Jeju. He feels a sense of responsibility to do better than Joo Min-gyu rather than a burden,” he said. “I have to do better than the target. Many people say (I) have to fill Jo Min-gyu’s vacancy, but I will try to become a player who surpasses him.” He also expressed his respect, saying, “I really want to say thank you to Joo Min-gyu for being in Jeju as a good player.”

Yuri’s nickname is ‘Tank’. 185 cm 88 kg of physical attack is the strength. Yuri appealed to himself, saying, “Befitting the nickname ‘tank’, I compete in aerial competitions with strength, and I think that I have strengths in decision making and post play.” Yuri, who described herself as “the type that doesn’t set goals,” said, “When you set goals, limits are set and you reach them. “I want to go beyond my limits,” he said.

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