Kim’s excitement for the Seoul Series: “Every moment in Korea was amazing”

July 17, 2023 0 Comments

San Diego Padres pitcher Ha-Sung Kim has expressed his excitement ahead of the first-ever Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season game to be held in Seoul next March 20-21.

“I’m very excited because I know it’s the first time an MLB game will be played in Korea,” Kim told on Sunday. “Korean fans are very passionate about baseball and they know how to watch baseball. They love baseball and take it seriously,” he said, explaining the KBO fan culture to MLB.

Kim’s hometown team, San Diego, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have had many Korean big leaguers, will open the 2024 MLB regular season in Seoul.

In his seven years in the KBO, Kim averaged a .294 batting average with 19 home runs and 82 RBIs, according to “I can’t point to a very special moment, but I remember every game I played in Korea, and every moment was great,” Kim said, emphasizing that he played hard and was proud of it.

“Kim has proven to the world that he can play in the MLB by showing off his skills on the field, in the field, and on the bases as San Diego’s go-to second baseman,” said, noting that he leads the team with a Wins Above Replacement (WAR) of 4.2 토토사이트주소 heading into today’s game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Kim, who played shortstop for San Diego last year and helped the team reach the postseason, added that he is proud of his accomplishments in the MLB. “Every day I feel proud and blessed to be able to play in the major leagues,” Kim said. “I will always be lucky that San Diego gave me the opportunity to play in the big leagues.”

“I will try not to disappoint the wonderful teammates and people I met in San Diego, and I will do my best to show them what I can do,” he said.

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