Lee Joo-hyun, CEO of ‘hidden jewels’, “I want to give dreamers a chance”

May 12, 2023 0 Comments

The dictionary meaning of ‘IF’ is ‘if ~ if’. started with the idea that anyone can become a professional football reporter with the slogan ‘If I become a football reporter’. The ‘No.1’ football magazine ‘PoFourTwo’, which publishes the most copies in the world, shares various football news from the K-League to the EPL and La Liga. Look forward to it! [Editor’s note]

In soccer, a player who can play a variety of positions is called a ‘multiplayer’. CEO Lee Joo-hyun, the main character of this interview, is also a ‘multi player’ who is active in the field of soccer. During his school days, he experienced a championship at Dongbuk High School, and his soccer life as an elite player began. Afterwards, he went to Howon University, but chose to enlist in the military at an early age. After his discharge, he continued his career in the K3 League and then 먹튀검증 advanced to the Thai League. He showed a good performance, but his career as a ‘soccer player’ came to an end when he decided to retire due to an injury.

But he never gave up on football. He found what he could do well. In 2017, he founded the independent club ‘Louis Knight’ and worked hard on educating young footballers so that they would not have the same experience as he did. Not only that, but as an agent, he helps players to play soccer in a better team and in a better environment. Based on his own playing days, it was something he started to help players in a similar situation. Although he may not be successful as a player, he guides people to pave the way to other fields.

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