MLB exit Bauer, Yokohama uniform “200K, average speed 155km goal”

March 24, 2023 0 Comments

Trevor Bauer (32), who was virtually expelled from the major leagues due to a suspension from the MLB office for alleged assault on a woman, held a press conference on the 24th at a hotel in Yokohama, Japan to join the Yokohama DeNA Baystars of the Japanese professional baseball team.

According to reports from the Associated Press and local media, Bauer, who signed a one-year, $3 million contract with Yokohama, went to a press conference wearing a uniform top with the number 96 on it. Although 75 reporters attended, no Japanese reporters asked questions about Bauer’s allegations of violence.

The Associated Press was the only one to ask. In response, Bauer insisted that the suspension was “technically related to payroll issues, and that he had been in contact with major league teams about playing this year.” However, he did not reveal whether there was a team that actually made an offer to join.

Bauer, the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner, was investigated by prosecutors in June 2021 for allegedly using violence during sex with a woman he met online the following year.

Separately, the MLB office suspended Bauer for 324 games in April of last year for violating the league’s domestic violence and sexual assault regulations after investigating the claims of a woman from San Diego who had been beaten and sexually assaulted by Bauer.

Bauer insisted that everything was consensual and that there was no fault of his own. In fact, Bauer was dismissed from prosecution due to insufficient evidence and was legally acquitted.

MLB partially accepted Bauer’s objection in December last year and reduced the suspension to 194 games on January 12 this year. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers released Bauer three weeks later. It was possible to play from this season, but no one was looking for him. Eventually, he turned his attention to Japanese professional baseball. 카지노

“I’m happy to be able to throw the ball again,” Bauer said at a press conference. I always wanted to throw in Japan,” he said, adding that his goal this season is to maintain 200 strikeouts and an average fastball speed of 96 miles per hour (154.5 km/h). He is also working on throwing a better changeup, and said, “What I want to cherish most is the victory of the team, and I want to fight together with the goal of winning.”

He said, “I want to play in mid-April, about two weeks after the start of the season, and I have been training for the past year and a half.”

He said, “I have been doing a lot of strength training and pitching training,” and “I really had no time to rest. So I was able to develop for a year and a half. stronger than ever It is much stronger than before.”

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