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Can I Make it as a Professional Poker Player? By 12 Year Poker Pro Carl “The Dean” Sampson
I have played poker professionally off and on (currently on) since 2005. So you could be mistaken for thinking that I of all people would be quick to say that the answer to the question in the title would be a resounding yes! Many people swamp into poker in the belief that they can turn pro and many do.

The facts are damning! Only around 10% of all players make money from poker for a combination of reasons. In fact the real lifetime statistic could be chronically shorter than that. If you think you can buck these sorts of stats easily then you are seriously deluded….sorry if that’s harsh!

All of the players that I know personally who play poker full time did so under certain conditions. My path was easy simply because at the time I turned pro (2005), I had no job and no dependents. I also had some savings behind me too and very low personal expenses. I was in the perfect place to turn pro and found this online casino – 안전놀이터. If you have a good job, a family, mortgage and all the rest of it and you wanted to pack in your career to turn “poker pro” then I would advise you to see a doctor immediately.

So what are the Obstacles?

This article isn’t big enough to do credit to the subject but if you are searching for a condensed “fly-by” of what to do and what not to do in order to give yourself a chance then I will try my very best to get you to first base very quickly (forget romantic notions of hitting the home run). There are FIVE big things to avoid if you want to turn pro quickly.

• Don’t play poker tournaments

• Don’t play too high too soon

• Don’t begin by being unprepared

• Don’t play poker under-funded

• Don’t pack in your day job

I could think of a lot more but these five are vital. I see budding “poker pro’s” all the time who can’t wait to “turn pro” and then jump straight into the brutally luck orientated world of tournaments. For every “tournament pro” there are a hundred cash game pros. The adage is “tournaments for

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