Naples local media’s lament “Kim Min-jae is leaving unconditionally”

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

On the 15th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time), ‘Tuto Napoli’, a local media in Naples, Italy, said, “Kim Min-jae is ready to board a plane to England. There seems to be no doubt that he will transfer to the Premier League. The time to say goodbye to Naples is approaching.” said.

“Kim Min-jae has completely replaced Kalidou Koulibaly. It is difficult to find a defender like him. Filling Kim Min-jae’s vacancy this summer will make Napoli’s head hurt. Just looking at the 0-2 defeat against Monza on the 14th, Kim Min-jae’s vacancy is It felt great,” he added.

Kim Min-jae has been rumored to transfer since the end of last year. Several Premier League teams were mentioned, but Manchester United was the most active among them.

From his debut season in Serie A, his skills were overwhelming. He was excellent with solid defense and build-up that led Napoli to the team with the fewest goals in the league. He immediately caught the attention of many big clubs.

After Napoli confirmed its first Serie A title in 33 years, its value skyrocketed. Initially, it was evaluated that he surpassed Koulibaly, who was the main central defender and the best defender in Serie A before Kim Min-jae came. 메이저사이트

Manchester United’s will to recruit Kim Min-jae is firm. It is even heard that Kim Min-jae was the top priority in the transfer market this summer.

The amount of Kim Min-jae’s buyout (release clause), which is known to be between 43 million pounds (approximately 72 billion won) and 52 million pounds (approximately 87 billion won), has also been prepared. After the end of the season when Kim Min-jae is released by buyout, he waits only for summer.

In the meantime, Napoli, which has been trying to protect Kim Min-jae by promoting a renewal of the contract, seems to be giving up. The Naples chairman himself stepped forward, but in the end, local reports in Italy poured in that it was difficult to prevent Kim Min-jae’s transfer.

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