“Never go to Barça!”… Barça legend ‘warns’ Liverpool FW, why?

April 30, 2023 0 Comments

One of the Spanish Primera Liga ‘famous’ Barcelona legends has warned the English Premier League Liverpool striker never to move to Barcelona. What’s going on?

Rivaldo right across the Barcelona front. And Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino. Rivaldo is also a senior for the Brazilian national team.

Recently, the transfer of Firmino is hot. With Liverpool expected to leave at the end of this season, one of the strong teams is Barcelona. In this situation, Rivaldo is trying to stop it. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Tribal Football, a European professional football site, published Rivaldo’s remarks. “I always hope to see the Brazilians achieve their dreams playing for Barcelona,” Rivaldo said. “But Firmino has to figure out exactly where he is in his team.

He continued, “Obviously, Firmino is not playing a leading role in Liverpool anymore. That’s why he is trying to leave Liverpool. Xavi always trusts and uses Robert Lewandowski. In this situation, if Firmino goes to Barcelona, ​​the strategy is Changes can happen, but the reality is that Firmino becomes a bench player who can only play a few minutes.”

Rivaldo added, “This is why I oppose Firmino’s transfer to Barcelona. The transfer of a player who plays a leading role in his current team is different from the transfer of a player who does not. Firmino has lost his leading role.”

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