Proof of PIT’s top international prospect… Shim Jun-seok’s journey to Dominica has begun

February 4, 2023 0 Comments

Pittsburgh signed a large number of 22 players as soon as the international player contract bonus pool was initialized on January 15th. Among them, the player who drew the most attention was Shim Jun-seok (19).

Pittsburgh invited both Sim Jun-seok and his family to their home stadium, PNC Park. And the initiation ceremony was held on the spot. He was a treatment that other players did not receive. The club’s officials, including general manager Ben Sherington, devoted a significant part of the explanation of the international player contract to Shim Jun-seok. You can read the expectations of the club.

He also entered Pittsburgh’s prospect list at once. ‘Prospects 1500’, which mainly deals with minor league prospect news, recently updated the prospect rankings of Pittsburgh players. Shim Jun-seok climbed to 35th place and entered this ranking at once.

While number 35 may seem disappointing, it is not. Top players are players in their early 20s who have already eaten minor league meals for several years. Although there are players younger than Shim Jun-seok in front of him, these are players who came to the US early and played in the rookie league, and the starting line for comparison is somewhat different from that of Shim Jun-seok, who just finished his contract.

Conversely, out of 22 players who signed international contracts this year, only two players were included in this ranking: Shim Jun-seok (35th) and Raymond Mola (45th). Apart from the down payment, he was evaluated as the top prospect. 토토사이트

Such Sim Jun-seok is now embarking on a full-fledged journey. Shim Jun-seok, who had already packed up and came to the United States when he left for his inauguration ceremony, recently moved to the Dominican Republic. His purpose is twofold. The main purpose is, of course, the issuance of visas. He plans to complete the visa issuance in the nearby Dominican Republic without having to return to Korea. While waiting for his visa to be issued, he plans to pitch in a pitching camp to build up his body.

After the visa issuance, he will return to Bradenton, Florida, where the club’s training facility is located. Officials predict that the return to the US will be completed in mid-February. This is the start of the 2023 schedule. It seems that he will start in the rookie league, but Pittsburgh has no intention of leaving Shim Jun-seok in the rookie league for a long time. If only the condition is proven, there is a possibility that the ‘skip’ will be faster than other players.

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