Tears after ‘first goal’…the story of Jeju Seojoong, the only girls’ secondary school team in the province

June 23, 2023 0 Comments

It was an emotional first goal. This is the story of Jeju Seojoong, the “only” girls’ secondary school soccer team in Jeju Island.

Jeju Seojoong was founded on February 17th. It was founded in December last year to develop the career paths of promising elementary girls soccer players and to foster the strategic sport of girls soccer in the province after the Jochunjung girls soccer team was disbanded. It is currently the only secondary girls’ soccer team in Jeju Island. Hong Chul-woo, the former head coach of Cho Cheonjoong, took the helm of Jeju Seojoong. “As the team was founded with difficulty, we will try to build on this and foster cooperation. Fortunately, the atmosphere and response are good.”

Although the team has been established, there is still a long way to go. In their first game, a qualifier for the 52nd National Youth Sports Games, they lost 0-11 against Hanbadang Girls’ Middle School in Daejeon. The same is true for the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Soccer Tournament, which will be held in Hapcheon, the 2023 Wellness Healing Specialty City. Jeju Seojoong lost 0-6 to Jinju Women’s High School in the first match, and in the second match, they conceded a whopping 14 goals to Gangwon FCU 15 Wimin.

In their final match, they scored one goal against Ulsan Hyundai Cheongwoon and lost 1-8. Hong, his coaching staff, and the players’ faces were not gloomy. They had just scored their first goal. Oh Ha-yoon, who scored the goal, also had an odd expression on his face. Some of the players watching the game from the bench hugged each other and shed tears after the goal. After the game, Ulsan Hyundai Joong-joong and other officials congratulated Jeju Seojoong on their goal.

“It may be a joke, but it feels good to have one goal for the year and it came so quickly,” Hong said with a smile. Forward Oh Ha-yoon, who scored the historic first goal, said, “I’m happy. I used to play soccer as a hobby, but I joined the team when it was founded. There are some difficult parts, but it’s fun to train and play together,” he smiled. 토토사이트

Jeju United, a member of the K League 1, delivered goods to the Jeju West Football Club at the Jeju World Cup Stadium in April. Since then, the team has continued to show interest and support. As the 2026 national championships will be held in Jeju, the team is also preparing to start a girls’ high school soccer team in the province. “Most of our players are liberal arts students,” says Hong. From next year, players will be recruited from elementary schools. “This year, we set a goal for (the players) to play polite and fun soccer without injuries and without injuries. We want to play a lot of tournaments.”

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