The difference between Klinsman and Bento, Lee Kang-in and Oh Hyeon-gyu’s ‘how to use’

March 29, 2023 0 Comments

“The only way Uruguay could stop him was by fouling.” (Klinsman, Korean coach)

“Korea is a growing team. It has young and talented players, and each player has a high level of ability and technique.” (Uruguay coach Broly)

Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who took the lead of the Korean national soccer team, revealed his soccer philosophy and mercenary skills through two A-match evaluation matches against South American teams in March. In his debut against Colombia on the 24th, he showed the possibility of attacking football in the first half and defensive loopholes in the second half, and drew 2-2. Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic FC) showed a mercenary technique that maximized the ability of the ‘young blood’, and soothed the regret of the first win failure.

In particular, Lee Kang-in and Oh Hyeon-gyu attracted attention in that they showed the possibility of maximizing their abilities at Klinsmann, despite the general evaluation of ‘the future of Korean football’, while being ‘strangers’ under coach Paulo Bento’s system. Coach Bento, who made the second round of 16 in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, ignored Lee Kang-in, who played an active role in Mallorca in the Spanish Primera Liga, and reluctantly used it as a ‘joker’. Oh Hyeon-gyu was just a reserve member in case of an emergency.

However, the mercenary technique of coach Klinsman, who became the national team commander after Bento, was different. Head coach Klinsmann, who was a representative striker of the ‘German tank’, used ‘Wolcle’ Son Heung-min as a ‘free role’ in the 4-4-2 format in his debut match against Colombia and showed an offensive tactic of scoring two goals, followed by Uruguay. By using ‘Golden Boy’ Lee Kang-in as an attacking midfielder full-time, he showed ‘magic’ that exploded his latent abilities.

Lee Kang-in, who took the opportunity to start the match, harassed the Uruguay players by running all over the ground for 90 minutes until the game was over. In the Bento coach system, Lee Kang-in, who was sometimes turned away from the national team call and was mainly used as a ‘joker’ even after being called, played full-time in 12 A matches in October 2019 in Sri Lanka and Qatar World Cup 2nd qualifying round (8-0 win) is the second. 스포츠토토

Lee Kang-in, who is mainly ‘left-footed’, played a role in breaking through Uruguay’s left defensive camp as a right attacking midfielder in the first half, and then moved to the left in the second half to create an attacking opportunity for Korea. Uruguayan defenders fell helplessly at the feint movement using the upper body, and the reckless breakthrough, dribbling, and creating space through passing drew exclamations from soccer fans. Lee Kang-in’s play was the vitality of Korean soccer, to the point of wondering why such a player had been neglected.

Even on record, Lee Kang-in was at the top in almost all categories. Dribble attempts and cross-ball competition fouls were ranked first on the team. 26 out of 29 pass attempts were successful, with a pass success rate of 90%, 2 key passes, 4 out of 10 crosses were successful, and 3 long passes were successful. If Oh Hyun-kyu’s goal had not been canceled, he could have recorded an assist.

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