“The Lim Young-woong effect, ‘Daebak’ is exciting!” ‘Heroic Age’ Daegu Fan Club Intuition X Daejeon Jeong Won-suk has already been sold out

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

‘Youngshi (Era of Heroes), 1 day with Daegu FC from today!’

The ‘Lim Young-woong effect’ that drove 45,000 spectators at the Seoul World Cup Stadium leads to the weekend ‘Daebak’.

According to the Daegu FC team on the 20th, ‘Ahead of the Daegu-Daejeon match in the K-League 1 round 8 held at DGB Daegu Bank Park at 4:30 pm on the 22nd, 56 members of the Daegu branch of Youngwoong Lim’s fan club ‘Heroic Age’ took the ‘Daepak’ S seat. Group bookings were made.On the 8th, they visited the FC Seoul-Daegu match and the Seoul World Cup Stadium, where Lim Young-woong, a ‘national singer’, started as a kick-starter. Amid the fever of ‘ticket madness’ by fans of ‘Heroic Age’, 45,007 people, the largest number of cloud spectators in professional sports since the corona, gathered. Young-woong Lim, who dreamed of becoming a soccer player until middle school and read soccer magazines avidly in the military, was conveyed intact to fans who love everything about him. On this day, Sangambeol was in a festive mood, but after Daegu lost to Seoul 0-3, the fans of the Daegu branch of the ‘Heroic Age’ looked at the Daegu players, Daegu supporters cheering on the other side, and Daegu, their hometown. In order to support these players, we decided to hold an intuition before Daejeon held at Daegu home on the 22nd. The first collaboration between the official Daegu supporter Graziye and the Daegu branch of the Age of Heroes took place in Daepak, the K-League’s new soccer holy ground.

Chairman Kim Sang-do of Graziye said, “The support field leader asked if I could go to the match on the 22nd via social media DM (direct message). He added, “They said they would like to cheer together, so we guided them to book S seats close to the supporters’ seats, and sent a cheering song in advance.” “I asked about the cheering outfit, but the symbol color of ‘Heroes’ Age’ was ‘light blue’, the same as Daegu’s uniform. He asked if it was okay to do ‘Lim Young-woong Goods’, so I said, ‘Of course it’s okay’,” he laughed. “He said he wanted to hang a hook, so I was happy to give him a seat as a supporter. As a Daegu fan, anyone is welcome to support our team,” he said with delight. ‘Youngshi (Era of Heroes), 1 day with Daegu FC from today!’ It is known that they are contemplating the phrase of the warm ‘collaboration’ hanging on their back. 스포츠토토

Chairman Kim said, “Daegu has a more diverse fan base than any other club. Over 20 years since its founding, more and more family fans have married and come with their children. ‘Daepak’ is known as an ‘Instagram’ spot, so people who want to take a certification shot A lot of lovers come. I hope that anyone of any age or gender can come and support our team.” As the president of ‘Grazie’, when asked for ‘intuitive tips’ to convey to the fans of the Daegu branch of ‘Heroes’, Chairman Kim said, “First of all, you just have to enjoy and hang out together as if you were enthusiastic at a concert. Sing cheering songs together, and ‘Kung! Kung! When you enter, all you have to do is ‘Uh-X-uh-X’ together.” He also hinted at the charm of ‘Daepak’ Daegu soccer, which you can’t escape once you fall in love with it. “As you all know, our team is a counter-attack-based soccer. Even if the game feels like it is being pushed back, there is a shot that turns it over. The beauty of Daegu football lies in this powerful counter-attack ‘oriental shot’. We lose. When the momentum rises, no one can defeat our team. I hope you enjoy this chewy charm.”

Daegu FC Public Relations Manager Lee Dong-joon said, “It is meaningful that the fan club decided to visit the stadium again after watching the K-League Seoul game. There is also an effect of termination,” he said. “The ‘Heroic Age effect’ can appear in all teams.

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