The winning team’s next-generation ace, upgrade challenge… “I want to win 10 starts”

February 12, 2023 0 Comments

“I want to win 10 starts.”

Oh Won-seok (22), the next-generation ace of SSG Landers, is preparing for the season at the 2023 spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. It is a resolution to take a step forward by making up for what was lacking last year. He is focusing on his training with the goal of winning 10 games as a starting pitcher.

Oh Won-seok, whom we met on the 10th (Korean time), said, “I have managed my condition well during the off-season. He is gradually increasing the number of pitches. He is making up for what he lacked last season. He has not yet discussed the position with the coaching staff, but he is preparing as a starting pitcher.”

For Oh Won-seok, 2022 was full of special moments. Oh Won-seok, who joined SK Wyverns (now SSG) as the first nomination in 2020 after graduating from Yatap High School, filled the regular innings after 3 years of joining. He went 6-8 with a 4.50 earned run average in 144 innings in 31 games. He also played an active part in the Korean series. He started the 3rd game against the Kiwoom Heroes and helped SSG win with 1 run in 5⅔ innings. 먹튀검증

There were many happy things, but there were also clear problems. Oh Won-seok said, “I gave away a lot of stolen bases. He should be fast if he’s good at holding back or has a quick kick motion, but that didn’t work out. They both struggled because they were slow. trying to improve The changing ball also needs to be refined a little more.”

There are other goals for this season as well. There is a desire to put the Taegeuk mark on the Hangzhou Asian Games. Seeing Choi Ji-hoon, who was recently selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, became more greedy. Oh Won-seok said, “Taegeuk mark is good. If there is a chance, I really want to go out,” he said.

Oh Won-seok visited Florida for the second time after joining. He is making progress day by day in a warm environment. “The weather is good for exercising. He also has well equipped baseball fields. Rest outside of training time. I am roommates with senior Kim Kwang-hyun. I have time to recharge by taking a nap or eating out on my day off.

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