Total against Japan .222… Destiny’s Korea-Japan match, I want to see the genius batter’s ‘that ceremony’ again

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Game 3 of last year’s KBO League playoffs.

Lee Jung-hoo (24, Kiwoom Heroes) performed a ‘bat throwing ceremony’ in this game, hitting a back-to-back home run following Lim Ji-yeol and then slamming the bat into the ground. In a situation where the team was being dragged, the atmosphere was heated with a come-from-behind two-run gun, and Lee Jung-hoo’s ceremony eventually became the driving force that led Kiwoom to the Korean Series.

Will we be able to see Lee Jeong-hoo’s ceremony again in Tokyo, the heart of Japanese baseball?

Lee Jung-hoo has worn the Taegeuk mark four times, from 2017 APBC to 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, 2019 Premier 12, and 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Among them, the batting average against Japan, excluding the Asian Games, in which social players participated, is 202.02 (4 hits in 18 at-bats). Compared to his career batting average (3.04, 2.02) from his debut in the KBO League until last season, the difference is quite large. From the 2017 APBC (Asia Professional Baseball Championship) to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, he wore the Taegeuk mark and served as the national team’s leading hitter, but he seldom showed his strength in the game against Japan. Although the difficulty of adapting to unfamiliar pitchers and strike zones in the KBO league and other environments and short-term games worked to some extent, it can be said that it is a result that can hurt pride as a hitter representing the league.

However, in the most recent game against Japan, Lee Jung-hoo played a big role in clearing out the sluggishness of the past. He succeeded in rebounding by recording multiple hits in the semifinal match against Japan at the Tokyo Olympics. In this game, he succeeded in revenge by hitting a double that exceeded the height of right fielder against Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes), who was humiliated by striking out three pitches in his first at-bat in 2017 APBC.

Japan will face off in the second leg of the first round of the WBC finals. A lot of caution against Lee Jung-hoo. Even so, Lee Jung-hoo has already begun to analyze it.

Japanese sports media, Sports Navi, analyzed Lee Kang-cheol’s power and said, ‘As a leading hitter for two consecutive years in the KBO League, he boasts excellent bat control with a career batting average of 34.2. He was introduced as a ‘star player’ who hit 23 home runs last season and gathered hot attention at home and abroad. At the same time, ‘Korea’s batting average against right-handed opponents at the time of the 2019 Premier 12 was 206, while the batting average against left-handed opponents dropped to 108’3. Lee Jung-hoo also had no hits in 12 at-bats against lefties at the Tokyo Olympics.” A lot of Japan will be effective against Korean hitters. (Korean War) The selection is expected to be a right-handed pitcher such as Darvish Yu (San Diego Padres), but the key point for the second pitcher is to use a left-hander,’ he pointed out. If Lee Jung-hoo returns at bat in the middle of the match between Korea and Japan, Japan is highly likely to make a breakthrough by using his left hand. 온라인바카라

Japan has an advantage over Lee Kang-cheol in terms of objective military power. Shohei Otani (LA Angels), Yu Darvish, Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs), Masataka Yoshida (Boston Red Sox), Las Nutba (St. Louis Cardinals) as well as Munetaka Murakami (Yakult) Rocky Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines) It is considered to be the strongest power of all time, covering both Japan and NPB. In this match between Korea and Japan, where a difficult fight is inevitable, Lee Jung-hoo, along with Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) and Tommy Hyeon-soo Edman (St.

In the 2006 WBC, Lee Jong-beom (current LG Twins operation-running coach), father of Lee Jeong-hoo, made the whole nation excited by raising his arms and roaring after striking a timely hit against Kyuji Fujikawa, the finishing pitcher Japan was proud of at the time. Lee Jung-hoo, who was 8 years old at the time, recalled that he had “goosebumps” at seeing his father like this. Carrying the Taegeuk mark after his father, will he be able to unleash his bold seri hair that silences the Tokyo Dome?

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