‘Tottenham → You and My Link’… ‘Tottenham’s buzzing’ at the meeting of Son Heung-min + Klinsman

February 28, 2023 0 Comments

A meeting between coach Jürgen Klinsmann (58) and Heung-Min Son (31, Tottenham), the new head coach of the Korean national soccer team, took place. Former and incumbent Tottenham ‘legend’ met.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 27th (Korean time) that “Coach Klinsman has been appointed as the new coach of the national soccer team.”

The contract period between coach Klinsman and the association is about 3 years and 5 months from March to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America. The salary was not disclosed according to the agreement of both sides.

Coach Klinsman will return to Korea next week and begin his full-fledged activities as the coach of the Korean national team.

When news broke that coach Klinsman had been chosen as the next coach of the Korean national team, Son Heung-min’s team, Tottenham, welcomed it. This is because you can see the picture of the past and present legends of the club meeting.

In the past, Klinsmann transferred from Monaco to Tottenham in 1994 and played one season (50 games in all competitions, scoring 29 goals), and in 1997, he was loaned to Sampdoria for half a season and visited Tottenham. At that time he played 16 matches and scored 9 goals. Tottenham’s all-time record is 66 appearances, 38 goals and 15 assists. Although he wore a short Tottenham uniform, he left a strong impression and is recognized as a Tottenham ‘Legend’.

Tottenham fans site ‘Spurs Web’ couldn’t hide their excitement at the meeting between manager Klinsman and Son Heung-min.

On the 28th, ‘Spurs Web’ said, “Klinsman and ‘another Tottenham legend’ Son Heung-min were connected. Now South Korean captain Son Heung-min prepares for a different life under a new coach.” 스포츠토토

“It’s good news for both Klinsman and Son Heung-min,” he said. Regarding the fact that his coaching career has been broken for the past three years, he said, “Coach Klinsman seems to do better as a manager when expectations are a little lower.” .

Meanwhile, head coach Klinsman said through KFA, “I am very happy and honored to be the head coach of the Korean national soccer team. He is well aware that the Korean national team has been continuously developing and producing results over a long period of time. He feels honored to be following in the footsteps of great coaches who have directed the Korean national team from Guus Hiddink to former coach Paulo Bento. I will do my best to achieve successful results in the upcoming Asian Cup and 2026 World Cup.”

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