Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team Wins Sunchang Gangcheon Sanbae National Championship… 3 championships this year

August 18, 2023 0 Comments

The Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team won the 7th Sunchang Gangcheon Sanbae National Youth Baseball Tournament, making it the third team to win the title this year.
Organized by the Korea Youth Baseball Federation (Chairman Lee Sang-geun), the tournament was held at seven baseball fields, including Paldeok Baseball Field in Sunchang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, from the 10th to the 15th, with a total of 90 teams and more than 2,000 participants, including players and parents. The tournament was organized as a final tournament after the preliminary group stage, and the teams competed for the championship in seven categories, including the Sprout League (U-9), Dreamers League (U-11), Youth League (U-13), and Junior League (U-16).

In the Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball League (U-13) Cheongnyong final, the team played an exciting revenge match against Gyeongnam Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team (head coach Kwon Oh-hyun), the team that handed them a heartbreaking loss in the Korea Cup final.

The Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team took the lead in the top of the first inning with a double by Lee Seo-joon (Cheongwon Middle School 1) and a single to right-center by Cho Jae-min (Konkuk University Middle School 1), and took a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the inning with a single to left-center by Lee Hae-ho (Sangmyeong Middle School 1). After being held in check by opposing ace Cho Jae-min through three innings, the Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team seemed to gain a foothold in the top of the fourth inning, scoring a run on a single to left field by Oh Se-il (Inchang Jung 1) and a triple to right-center by Park Ye-chan (Cheongwon Jung 1).

However, Uijeongbu City capitalized on four hits, two walks, and an error in the bottom of the fifth inning for a six-run big inning to put the game out of reach at 8-1. The Namyangju Yanol could only manage three runs in their final at-bat in the top of the sixth inning, thanks to four hits from Go Woo-jin (Inchangjoong 1), Park Ye-chan, Lim Ji-min (Sasol 6), and Kim Seung-ki (Wonmuk 6). With the 8-4 victory, Uijeongbu won its third title this year, joining Sunchang County and Storm Bae.

Jo, the team’s top pitcher, was outstanding in the tournament, pitching 14⅔ innings with five earned runs and 34 strikeouts for a 1.27 ERA, and batting 11-for-7 with five doubles, two home runs and a .637 slugging percentage. Other players from the Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team include Lee Sung-hyun (Chungam High School 3), Yang Seung-hyuk (Seoul Convention High School 3), and Lee Jin-yong (Gangneung High School 2), who are hoping for a KBO rookie designation.

Lee Dong-yoon (Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team-Shinheungjoong 1), who hit his first career grand slam and led his team to the championship alongside Cho Jae-min as the final game’s closer, was named the tournament’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), while Yang Da-hyuk (Uijeongbu City Youth Baseball Team-Cheongwon 1) and Kim Seung-ki (Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team-Wonmukcho 6) were honorable mentions. 먹튀검증
MVP Lee Dong-yoon said, “I didn’t expect my first home run to be a grand slam. It’s the last tournament for first-year middle schoolers, and I’m so happy to win the title and be named the Most Valuable Player. I’m going to miss Jo Jae-min and my teammates who played so well.” “My favorite professional team is the LG Twins, and I love Jung Woo-young. He’s a sidearm pitcher like me, and I love the way he uses his fastball and good changeup to frustrate hitters.”

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