Vietnamese flag flutters and SNS followers increase by 10,000… Seoul E ‘Bantoan Effect’ tok-tok

March 4, 2023 0 Comments

Professional football K League 2 Seoul E-Land is seeing the effect of recruiting striker Van Toan from Vietnam.

Seoul E took advantage of the ‘Southeast Asia Quarter’ this season and recruited Van Toan, the first Vietnamese player in the club’s history.

The bantoan effect could be confirmed from the first game of the K-League 2 against Chungbuk Cheongju FC held at Mokdong Sports Complex on the 1st. On this day, several Vietnamese flags were hung in the stands opposite the headquarters, and fans cheered loudly when Van Toan introduced the player.

In particular, on this day, Van Toan’s mentor, Park Hang-seo, former coach of the Vietnam national team, personally visited the stadium to cheer for Van Toan, drawing great attention from Vietnamese fans.

An official from Seoul E told ‘News 1’, “There are only 108 Vietnamese fans who purchased tickets through the Vietnamese Embassy and the Korea-Vietnam Cultural Exchange Center during the opening match. I found the playground,” he explained.

Even online, interest in Bantoan and Seoul E is hot. After the announcement of Bantoan’s recruitment, Seoul E’s social media followers increased by 10,610 in one week.

Above all, given that Bantoan is a sure starter for Seoul E, the effect is expected to grow further in the future.

Kong Phuong (Incheon) and Truong (Incheon, Gangwon), who had previously challenged the K-League, had a limited position on the ground, unlike the effect outside the stadium, and there was a limit to their interest. But Bantoan is different. I came to this team with an immediate sense of power. 스포츠토토

Park Choong-kyun, coach of Seoul E, said, “Bantoan is the core of our team’s attack” and sent his trust. In fact, Banto An started as an attacking midfielder from the opening game and played 81 minutes, making his debut match passable.

Former Vietnam coach Park Hang-seo also said, “Communication with the coach is important for players to adapt, and coach Park Choong-gyun knows what kind of player Van Toan is when he was a Vietnamese coach. As it is K League 2, it will be easier to adapt,” he said, positively predicting Bantoan’s position on the ground.

Meanwhile, Seoul E, along with Van Toan, visits the Vietnamese embassy in Korea and presents club uniforms, and is actively promoting for Vietnamese soccer fans.

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