‘Villa Expedition Killer’ Son Heung-min, will he save Tottenham from crisis?

May 12, 2023 0 Comments

It is not that there is no possibility of advancing to the Champions League.

Tottenham are currently 6th in the Premier League. If you finish in the top four, you can get a ticket to the UEFA Champions League next season.

They are 6 points behind 4th place Manchester United. Tottenham play one more game than Manchester United, so the gap is bigger.

Manchester United have 2 wins and 스포츠토토 2 losses in the remaining 4 games, and Tottenham must win all 3 games to equalize the points. After that, we have to look at the goals scored.

Tottenham’s next opponent is Aston Villa on the 13th (Korean time). They are 8th in the league, only two points behind Tottenham.

However, Tottenham has Son Heung-min, the ‘Aston Villa killer’. Son Heung-min has met Aston Villa 6 times so far and flew with 6 goals and 1 help. In particular, he was strong enough to score 5 goals only on the road, and this match will be held at Aston Villa home, Villa Park.

Recently, Son Heung-min succeeded in scoring double digits for 7 consecutive seasons and is on the rise, showing active participation in defense. This is why his performance before Aston Villa is expected.

Defense is key for Tottenham to win. In the meantime, even if we did well in offense, there were not a few games that collapsed due to insecurity in defense.

Their 1-0 win over Crystal Palace was their first clean sheet victory in 70 days. The defensive weakness was evident this season.

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