Was it a personal connection, not a system? Klinsman’s bitterness revealed through an honest interview

March 10, 2023 0 Comments

The first impression of coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59), who became the head coach of the Korean national soccer team, was cool. As a former star player, he showed honesty while maintaining a smile and composure even when asked questions that could have been a bit harsh. However, through his answer, he could not erase the bitterness in that he felt the collapse of the Korean national team coach selection system.

Coach Klinsman held an official press conference at Paju NFC on the afternoon of the 9th, which also served as an inauguration ceremony. Director Klinsman, who arrived at dawn the previous day, greeted the reporters with a bright appearance without any sign of tiredness. And he did not make consistent excuses for concerns about his long career break, domestic residency problems, and resignation after 70 days at Hertha BSC Berlin. 

As if aware of the negative public opinion among domestic football fans, Klinsman coach said, “It’s simple. The position of a manager is evaluated by the game and the result. It is difficult for a manager who produces bad results to continue his career. To be evaluated as a coach and manager I think it is. I will try to change negative public opinion in the right way,” he said firmly. 스포츠토토

Regarding whether or not to reside in Korea, he said, “Because I am the coach of the Korean national team, it is natural for me to stay in Korea. I was lucky. I traveled to many countries through soccer.” The opportunity to stay here has come. I want to experience a different culture while staying in Korea,” he said without hesitation.

In particular, director Klinsmann commented on the announcement of his resignation on social media during his time at Hertha, “I think I learn something every day. There is something I learn from mistakes. I think announcing my resignation through social media was a mistake,” he said. “It will never happen again. There won’t be. I think it’s part of the experience. I don’t make the right decision every 10 times. It’s important to reduce mistakes. 

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