Who ate 8 lobsters of ‘Park Seong-han’s full wife’

February 16, 2023 0 Comments

On the 11th (local time), a surprise dinner hosted by the owner was held at SSG Landers Spring Camp in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

At the dinner, which was the evening before the rest day, SSG players ate a special menu prepared meticulously by owner Jeong Yong-jin. Lobster caught in Maine, close to Canada, Prime Rib, LA Galbi, and various Korean side dishes were provided, but the controversy (?) came from ‘Behind Story’. Maybe it was because the lobsters shipped directly from Maine were so delicious. It was revealed that he had a player who ate eight by himself. It is not easy for ordinary people to eat 8 large lobsters alone. Immediately, questions poured in, ‘Who the hell is the player who ate the 8?

The top suspect (?) was Park Seong-han. Park Seong-han is not big, but he is famous for eating well even in the usual squad. Many club staff testified that they were surprised to see the amount of meals Park Seong-han ate. So he asked Park Seong-han if he was the one who ate 8 lobsters. He gave an explanation, not an explanation, saying, “Absolutely not me. Fans ask me if I am, but I didn’t eat 8.” Park Seong-han said, “The amount of food I eat has decreased a lot these days. 스포츠토토 My brothers are worried. I don’t eat as much as I used to, so everyone says, ‘What’s wrong?'” Reduced. In the past, if I just ate a lot to gain weight, now I eat vegetables to have a balanced meal.” An employee of the club’s public relations team next to him drew laughter by comparing it to “the extent to which he descended from the divine world to the human world.”

Then, who ate 8 lobsters? It was pitcher Lee Won-joon. Park Seong-han replied, “I only ate 4. I didn’t eat that much.” It seems that he has become a news reporter (?).

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