“Why do you take away the captain’s armband?” Ten Hagh, ‘over all sides’ BFE controversy ‘head-on refutation’

March 9, 2023 0 Comments

Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag has set out to revive Bruno Fernandes.

Coach Ten Hag attended a press conference held prior to the first leg of the Europa League round of 16 in the 2022-2023 season against Real Betis (Spain) on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time). Manchester United will have their first bloody fight to advance to the quarterfinals at Old Trafford in Manchester, England at 5 am on the 10th.

But a dark shadow looms. Manchester United lost to Liverpool 0-7 in the 26th round of the English Premier League (EPL) on the 6th.

Fernandez took a direct hit. As soon as a Liverpool defender’s arm touched his chest during the ball contest, he suddenly fell to the ground, clutching his face.

He pushed the assistant referee to the chopping block, and when he replaced Marcus Rashford, his gesture toward the bench became controversial. Fernandez denied it, but it was interpreted as ‘why don’t you replace me’. At the end of the game, the fighting spirit also fell. 나르샤 토토

Manchester United’s captain is Harry Maguire. However, Maguire is pushed out of the starting lineup and spends more time guarding the bench. That’s why Fernandez usually wears the captain’s armband. Because of this, after the Liverpool match, the voice of criticism was high that Fernandes should never be captain again.

However, director Ten Hagh had a different idea. “Sure,” he said when asked if Fernandez would continue as captain. “I think he’s having a great season. He’s playing an important role in our position.”

Coach Ten Haag also said, “Fernandez plays a lot and brings intense energy to the team. He inspires the whole team. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.” We’re happy to have him as our captain when he’s not on the pitch.”

Marcus Rashford, who was present at the press conference, also defended, “As the manager said, no one is perfect. Sometimes you want to win so much that you do things that are out of character. Fernandez is a fantastic player. As a team, we have to support him.” .

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