Will Neymar hand over his supremacy? Fierce Pursuit of Divinity…’Hottest Toes’

March 14, 2023 0 Comments

Is the samba corps Brazil losing its hegemony?

Sports media ‘SPORT 360’ highlighted the performance on the 14th, saying, “Is Vinicius Jr. now ready to receive Neymar’s Brazilian talisman?”

Neymar, the Brazilian star of the Samba Legion, scored 18 goals this season, while Shin Sung Vinicius is showing off his hot feet with 19 goals.

Neymar is a Brazilian superstar who needs no words. From his childhood, based on his performance in Barcelona, ​​he stood out and established himself as a key resource. 스마일 토토

Neymar has had notable performances with the Brazilian national team, creating many moments of glory.

But, is age inevitable? Neymar is struggling with a chronic injury. He was also ruled out this season as he injured his ankle.

Under these circumstances, Divine Vinicius achieved tremendous growth. After appearing on the professional stage with Flamengo in Brazil, he has been playing for Real Madrid since 2018.

Vinicius slowly established himself at Real Madrid, showing great potential. Currently, he is in charge of the team’s attack along with Karim Benzema.

Vinicius’ presence continues in the Brazilian national team. He participated in the World Cup in Qatar and presented a performance that made us look forward to the future.

There cannot be two suns. Will Vinicius gradually take over the Brazilian hegemony of the samba club held by Neymar?

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