Yosubani → Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Ikbairi → Hyundai Capital. Only Woori Card nominated Matei Kok, the new face. The old building was a prestigious building

May 9, 2023 0 Comments

Yosbani Hernandez (32, Cuba/Italy, 2m1) returns to the V-League as the first priority.

Yosbani was nominated by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the first place, excluding renewal contracts, in the 2023 V-League Men’s Foreign Player Draft held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Umraniye Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time).

Yosbani was active at OK Financial Group (2018-2019 season), Hyundai Capital (2019-2020 season), and Korean Air (2020-2021 season). In particular, in the 2020-2021 season, he put Korean Air as a substitute player and Korean Air as the unified champion.

From the first day of the tryout, Yosubani received the best evaluation and was ranked as the leading candidate. Cuba’s Jose Masso, who received the highest score in the pre-evaluation, was expected to join on the 8th, the last day. I was curious about

Prior to this draft, four clubs, including Korean Air, KEPCO, OK Financial Group, and KB Insurance, confirmed renewal contracts with Lincoln, Thais, Leo, and Villena, and only three teams, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Woori Card, and Hyundai Capital, participated. 33 players were drafted.

The draft began with a lottery in the order of nomination. Based on the final results of last season, 7th Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 35, 6th KB Insurance 30, 5th OK Financial Group 25, 4th Woori Card 20, 3rd KEPCO 15, 2nd Hyundai Capital 10 Dog, No. 1 Korean Air was given 5 marbles.

OK Financial Group took the first place, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance got the second place nomination. After thinking until the end, KB Insurance, which chose to renew the contract with Villena, ranked third. Afterwards, the lottery resumed after removing the marbles from the 1st to 3rd teams, and Korean Air, which has been accompanying Lincoln for 3 years, was selected as 4th, Hyundai Capital as 5th, Woori Card as 6th, and KEPCO, which renewed the contract with Tais, as 7th. determined by ranking.

OK Financial Group announced the renewal of the contract with Leo. As a result, after three seasons with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Leo will be with OK Financial Group for the third season, and will play in Korea for a total of six seasons. This is the longest season for a foreign player ever. 2nd place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance nominated Yosubani as expected. It is the 4th team for Yosubani. KB Insurance in 3rd place, Viyena, and Korean Air in 4th place, announced a renewal of the contract with Lincoln. 토스카지노

The second draft that everyone is curious about is

Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong nominated Ikbairi, who played for Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance last season. 6th place, Woori Card was the only one who selected a new person. Coach Shin Young-chul chose Matei Kok (27, 1m99), an outside hitter from Slovenia. Lastly, the draft was finished when KEPCO announced a renewal of the contract with Thais.

Face-to-face tryout was held after 4 years, but as a result, 6 out of 7 teams chose a player who played in the V-League, and only Woori Card chose a new person.

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